The Desert Experience

Why did Jesus choose the desert to confront temptation is the question I would like to reflect on today?

After 40 days and nights he was surely at his most vulnerable and he did not to succumb but demonstrated great mental strength as an inspiration to us all in this period of Lent.

The desert symbolizes for us not only life’s struggle as Jesus overcomes the harsh climatic conditions of the desert but also a time of reflection on the way we can balance our life and keep moving forward positively.

The three notable passages of scripture that I would reflect on and how it relates to my own life during Lent are:

“One does not live by bread alone.” Luke 4:4

Jesus states that we need to continue to hunger for God despite the difficulties we face or choices we have that provide satisfaction for only a short time. The challenge for me is to think before I act and not eat so much chocolate.

“Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.” Luke 4:8

Jesus asks us to serve God by serving others. The challenge for me is not just to serve but to have a purpose that becomes sustainable process for those I serve not just a rescue mission.

“Do not put the Lord your God to the test ”Luke 4:12

Jesus invites us to allow God in our lives and request through prayer God’s help and not try to do everything ourselves.The challenge for me is to ask for help or ask different people to help me.


All three of these challenges continue to occur regularly in our lifelong faith journey.

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From the APRIM

Recently at school we celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass around the theme of Forgiveness. Which got me thinking what does forgiveness mean? We all have stories in our lives that relate to this theme.

When I was young I had an abscess on my tooth and my mother made the inevitable appointment. When the time came and my mum called me to go to the dentist  I decided no matter the pain it would be easier to make a run for it. So I  got on my bike and tried to ran away hoping she wouldn’t catch  me and I wouldn’t have to go.  However it was to no avail and the appointment ended in tears and me minus a tooth.

In reflection sometimes forgiveness is like this story no matter what actions you take you can’t run away and eventually your going to have to endure the pain so the healing can begin.