A New Commandment

In last Sunday’s Gospel from John 13:34 Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment, “love one another just as I have loved you. By this everyone will know you are my disciples.”

Hence Jesus was challenging the disciples to live a faith that went beyond words but was demonstrated through their actions. The very challenge Christians face today in their own lives. I believe that by exhibiting positive actions it inspires others in their own faith and encourages us to persist in the task of seeing the good in others no matter how trying the circumstances. Furthermore it is amazing how differently I judge the words and actions of others when I examine the circumstances from their point of view.

This was one of the greatest challenges Jesus gave his disciples and he also asks us to demonstrate in our lives today.

Easter Sunday Thoughts

 Reflecting on last Sunday’s Gospel Reading , John 20:1-9 I am reminded like Peter about the scripture,

“for as yet they did not understand the scripture that he must rise from the dead.”

Two thoughts I have reflected on about this scripture verse.

That when Peter was listening to Jesus teaching was he failing to understand what Jesus meant or was it beyond his comprehension.

Sometimes I think events turn out in ways we never expected and if we knew beforehand how they were to turn out it would perhaps be better we didn’t know.

Furthermore Peter needed to trust Jesus when he told them that in three days he would rise from the dead. I find it particularly hard to put my faith in people or events that I have no control over until the event has actually occurred.

I realise like Peter I need to listen, trust and have faith in others and that requires not having control over but being excited about the outcomes. Maybe they might even exceed my expectations.