In last week’s Gospel, Matthew, 5-17-37, Jesus extols us to demonstrate good judgment in our words and actions. Jesus’ message is that we can accomplish this by treating each other with respect and dignity.

But the question is how do we exhibit this daily when we feel we have been treated unfairly or unappreciated?

I believe to overcome this challenge we need to display tolerance in all   situations otherwise we can jump to conclusions and leave ourselves open to acting unfairly. Additionally, we can be perceptive and perhaps prevent unrest before it occurs. Furthermore, it is important to bring prior knowledge and understanding to every circumstance that will lead us to achieving a successful outcome.

Hence we answer Jesus’ call by thinking not acting and seeking justice for all God’s creatures.








Blessed are the Poor in Spirit.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 5:3


Who are the poor in the spirit and what characteristics do they possess that give them a direct passage to the kingdom of heaven.


People who are poor in spirit possess the quality of humility. Humility reflects a modesty where witness your achievements through your actions rather than recounting to everyone your wonderful deeds.


Furthermore they are people who are approachable because they do not judge, act tactfully and treat everyone the same. Hence, through their willingness to forgive and being open to accepting others they are embracing both humanity and God.


If everyone were humble there would be no conflict but only peace in our world.