A Question of Faith

“I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail” (Luke 22:32)

My interpretation of that scripture is that you must never lose hope no matter what adversity you encounter. I believe that you seize these situations as an opportunity to gain a new perspective on how you approach the challenges you may confront.


So what assists in you in facing these challenges?


I think firstly, you need strong self-belief that from your actions there will be positive consequences achieved compassionately and justly.

Secondly, you need people who can help to support you  achieve these outcomes.

Thirdly, a faith in God is the cornerstone to believing that circumstances change and good things happen if you persist.


However, challenges cannot be overcome if you question your actions, have difficulty with the people whose support you require and lose faith that circumstances will change.


I believe that, should this occur and when you begin to doubt yourself,  it is always important to draw on your previous experiences, people and knowledge that can assist you in turning events around. Along with my faith, that is what gives me hope for the future tests I face.