Being Afraid

In Mark 16:8, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome, “fled from the tomb for terror and amazement had seized them and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” This was despite a young man dressed in a white robe telling them he had been raised and was no longer in the tomb. Mark 16:5-6.

So why were they still afraid? Perhaps, because they were uncertain of about what happened to Jesus. I can empathize with them as when I am unsure of what has occurred in a situation I feel unable to make a definitive choice. I believe too often with a rushed decision I end up not being aware of all the facts and therefore my judgement is clouded.

Furthermore, when they saw just the clothes in the tomb they may have thought they would not see Jesus again. I would argue when I realize something has reached a conclusion and can’t be changed  I feel powerless. Possibly, like the woman the idea that I am unable to influence an outcome leads to frustration has the circumstances are beyond my control.

However, I finally understand this is what the Jesus’ resurrection is all about.That is despite feeling hopeless and unable to make an impact there is always hope. It may not always be evident at the time but can lead to greater consideration in future situations. After all, there will always be doubts and trepidation but through Jesus overcoming death there are limitless opportunities to achieve our goals. We just need to ask for God’s help.