Modern Day Saints

Sometimes you meet people in life and you think to yourself they are Modern-Day Saints. The impression they make on your life is profound because what they do doesn’t require thanks; rather they gain appreciation of how they have helped in some way. One person who met that selflessness in my life that I had the privilege to know was my work colleague, Raelene.

So, what makes a Modern-Day Saint? I believe it is a person who sees a need and assists without being asked. Raelene if she saw a need she would go out of her way to assist you.

For me it was washing the church corporal, a white small tablecloth & the sanctifier, small finger towels when they receive wine stains after masses. I never asked her to do it, she just offered; such was the extent of her kindness.

Furthermore, a Modern-Day Saint extends aid beyond work needs without looking to be affirmed. When I told Raelene about my son, Simon and how he ripped so many of his clothes she gave me some of her two sons’ clothes. Such generosity wasn’t done as a grand gesture but a recognition that her assistance would bring joy to others. In this case, my son, Simon and my family has allowed us to spend money for Simon on his other requirements and improve his quality of life.

Moreover, a Modern-Day Saint would make you feel genuinely comfortable in their presence. Every time I saw her, she would always enquire how my family and I were going. She made you feel important when engaging in conversation with you and her laughter would fill a room. Additionally, she would strongly share her ideas and opinions with you but it was always positive and the emphasis placed on the best possible outcome for all.

In Matthew 6:21 Jesus says, “Forwhere your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”When I think about Raelene I reflect that her treasure was helping others to achieve the best possible outcomes and she gave that assistance with all her heart every day of her wonderful life.