Preparing for Christmas

In Luke 3:3 John the Baptist proclaims what I believe to be an important Christmas message that of hope and forgiveness. As family members celebrate with one another all over the world whatever differences they may have they need to be put aside so everyone can celebrate this great day. So, what must be done to prepare?

John goes on to say “Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.” Luke, 3:4. I would consider when facing an encounter of needing to interact with people who challenge you the last thing that should occupy my mind is another possible conflict. I think if I go on with the mindset there are going to be issues then I miss out on the opportunity to positively engage not only in the celebration but with the people who make the occasion enjoyable. Thus, the first part of my Christmas preparation is having an affirmative mindset.

“And the crooked shall be made straight and the rough ways made smooth.” Luke 3:5 Therefore, what do I bring to the table when I arrive at the celebration? It is not only the delicious food and worthwhile presents I bring that enhance the atmosphere but also the welcome greeting, listening and engaging in the conversation and the final goodbye. Hence, make each person feel like they are part of the celebration.

“And all people will see God’s salvation.” Luke 3:6. That Jesus’ birth is celebrated by people all over the world and is underpinned by a message of hope and forgiveness. So, I reflect on those words when I celebrate Christmas with my family. Thus, realising Christmas is more than just the food and presents it is the meaning that we should aspire today everyday of our lives.