The Greater Vision

I often reflect on how Culture echoes a particular setting and effects the words and actions of the people who are in that environment. The question is does the Culture implement a vision of short-term fixes rather than decisions that are viewed as long-term sustainability?

In John 20:24-29, Thomas who was not with the disciples when Jesus appeared after his resurrection did not believe Jesus had risen from the dead unless he was able to see him for himself. I would argue that central to Jesus’ relationship with disciples was trust. Jesus believed that the disciples would understand that his mission was inclusive and an opportunity for everyone to embrace and live the Gospel Teachings. Thus, why did Thomas demand to see Jesus before he would believe?

I contend it is like when a sporting team is facing adversity due to through a string of poor losses, or the unavailability of key personnel either, through players wanting to leave the club as well as injury. Accordingly, the Culture is threatened as there is division as to whether the direction of the club is the way forward. Therefore, how do we overcome these challenges to our Culture amidst many opposing voices when doubt creeps in.

I believe Jesus provides the best model to sustaining a Culture where his vision for his mission can be successfully sustained. Jesus built pillars which laid a solid foundation to maintaining his mission. They were through his personal witness which extolled the values of compassion and empathy for others demonstrated by his miracles and healings. Additionally, Jesus’s Gospel teachings that challenged our relationships with others and our environment as well as how we could express God’s love through our words and actions. Moreover, these teachings offered hope and an end goal with the promise of eternal life. Consequently, these pillars exhibited, that Jesus could entrust his disciples to build a Church of believers all over the world today who have the faith to carry on his mission. As Jesus said to Thomas, “Stop doubting and believe.” John 20:27. Many believers have taken up this call since Jesus started his mission over 2000 years ago all we are asked is to believe.


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