Win a place on an excursion by bus to Murray Bridge to release some purple spotted gudgeon..

On the 28th March, ABC TV “Landline” will be covering the release of some of the purple spotted gudgeon we have bred into waterways near Murray Bridge. A group of 12 students will accompany some teachers from the school in a bus travelling to and from the “Release Event’.

Teachers and students, if you would like to be part of this group, please write to me explaining:

  • How have you personally been active as conservationist?
  • Why the Purple Spotted Gudgeon Project is important?
  • What can we learn from this project which could applied in other similar ways?
  • Why do you wish to be part of the fish release?
  • How will you contribute to the Fish Farm/ MUDLA /Billabong Project in the future?

Please feel free to use a combinations of words/pictures/drawings

Applications close 15th March at 4pm

Holy Family Green School: Gardens of Eden

Holy Family is proud of our orchards of red and black olives, oranges, avocados, nectarines together with our gardens of salads, mints and vegetables. Not forgetting the Principal’s Rose Garden. These crops provide content for our studies of food production, supplying the School Canteen “Food for Life”, casual eating by students and families and various other community celebrations. We are commencing a project on a “Food Trail” in which we curate the various food production areas with signage to inform learners as they traverse the trail.

We need the learners at Holy Family to understand the source and purpose of food production.

Robots in the new Design Lab

The recently constructed Design Lab within the new complex “Curiosity” is an ideal venue for students to build robots and to code them to undertake tasks.

I have been speaking to the children about their future and what it may hold for them. I am fascinated by the NASA program exploring Mars and the ambitions of Elon Musk in transporting equipment and people to Mars for future colonization.

There are currently 5 Martian vehicles on Mars undertaking the exploration program. I believe 4 of them are still in contact with the earth. This is where coding comes in. We are going to need expert practitioners to construct exploration vehicles and engineers to construct rockets to propel this equipment into the Universe to venues such as the planets in our Solar System and beyond. Once the equipment is in situ, coders are needed to instruct the vehicles where to go.
The latest vehicle on Mars has a helicopter on board which can be instructed to launch and collect images from an elevated position.
We need to continue to expand our Vision for future with our students at Holy Family.



Welcome to the 2022 School Year : Update on 22/02/2022

Holy Family Learning Continuity Plan

Well, what a wonderful eventful few weeks as we transition from holidays through Remote Learning to full enrolment (minus some students at home isolating)

Our Learning Continuity Plan is in full swing flowing through from our experience last year.

In fact we are always improving our professional practice as we learn which techniques elicit a positive response from our students. We are all life-long learners here at Holy Family.

Kerry White


How we manage Remote Learning at Holy Family Catholic School

Leadership Team Working Online with Teachers

Hi Everyone,

During the Pandemic our staff have been deployed in four groups:

  • The Administration Team is keeping the organisational side of the school in operation: ICT services, Enquiries, WHS, enrolments, maintenance, support services, Canteen, OHSC and Alive ELC
  • All class teachers are working from home using Microsoft Teams and Blogs to provide lessons for the children in their class
  • Teachers who work in roles other than class teachers are facilitating learning for the children who are at school each day. Yesterday they were in “Curiosity” and today they are in the Hall and OHSC
  • The Leadership Team (shown in the picture) are monitoring each class blog and each Teams Channel to keep the flow of information flowing both ways between teachers and their students. The leaders are sharing ideas among the staff and highlighting the best practices.

At 2.30 pm each day the whole staff meet together online to discuss the highlights of each day and to share online professional practice

Our teachers are coming up with a fantastic array of activities online to keep the children engaged in their learning. The children are waiting keenly in their Class Channel on Teams for the learning contact from their teacher as well as monitoring their own Class Blog. In this way the children are taking responsibility  for their own learning and taking it to a higher level.

Please take some time to look through all the Blogs and ask your child to show you their Class Channel.

Kerry White




Learning continues at Holy Family Catholic School

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Holy Family for the beginning of Term 3 as we welcome two new Reception Classes into the school to begin the second Semester. A warm welcome to our new Reception Teachers Corrina Du and Tanya Johnson.

Reception students commencing mid year do not pay school fees for the remainder of this year. We still have a few vacancies.


Corrina Du                                                      Tanya  Johnson


Kerry White