Term 3 | Week 2

Welcome to week 2 everyone!

Reception Learning Intentions and Success Criteria:

If you wish to know more about the above image, the teachers are more than happy to discuss our learning intentions and success criteria with you.  These regularly change, even on lesson by lesson basis or weekly basis depending on the learning area and topic.

Birthdays celebrated this week:

Jordan, Eliza and Sarah all turned 6 years old on the same day this week! Happy Birthday!


English | Phonics

This week the children are re-visiting the letter sounds t and p.

Shared Reading | Books with titles that began with t or p.

This week’s reading milestones:

Congratulations Emily on reading for 150 nights

Monday’s Word Study

Tuesday’s Word Study

Today the children re-visited the letter sound p by searching for words that begin with p, writing the letter p, singing a letter p song and writing sentences with some letter p words and words that are frequently used and written at this age.

Book Making

The children shared their books this morning.


The children drew a picture of themselves and labelled the body parts.


One Is a Snail, Ten Is a Crab Investigation.

This week the children explored the book and used problem solving and addition strategies to add feet.

Next day the children chose 2 pictures and counted the feet.


Religion and Art

Maths Mini | Snap It!


Welcome to Country

Mrs Martin read the story to the children and we discussed how lovely the illustrations were made in the book.  The children used the inspiration to draw a border around a poem about Kaurna land.

Buddy Time


We have been practicing our Indigenous dance moves. Here are our kangaroo and emu moves



Reading in the library

We love going to the library!


Term 3 | Week 1

Welcome to Term 3!  We are very excited to be back and ready for learning.

There have been some birthday celebrations during the holidays and we hope everyone had a lovely birthday with beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Congratulations to the children making great progress with their reading and proudly showing their reading logs. Well done!

English | Phonics, word study and sentence construction

We will be revising all the letter sounds in the next few weeks ignorer to refresh, revise and re-learn.

Literacy activities

Today we revised the letter Aa by singing the song and identifying the a sound and the a letter name.



Estimating and counting and figuring who has more and who has less in their collection.

Technology | Foods I like and Foods I do not like

Book Making

For the next few weeks the children will be focussing on how to make their books interesting by trying different ways of organising them.  Today we shared the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear which has a repeating pattern in the text.


Today the children played a new game called Snap It!

English | Book Making

The children below shared their finished books this morning.  They all were very brave spellers and brave story tellers.

Turtle Keepers

RMN had their first experience of being Turtle Keepers, they showed extreme bravery when the long necked turtle tried to climb on a few of them.




Wow, What a busy week 1 it was!

Term 2 | Week 10

Welcome to week 10, the final week of term 2.  The students will finish this Friday and take a two week break.  We would love it if you kept reading with your child at home during this time by sharing books from their Library bag or whatever you may have at home.  Local libraries have some great school holiday programs that you may wish to explore.


Here are just a few and there are many more on the Salisbury Council website.


Well done to our readers on reaching their milestones.


This week the students continued to practise, reinforce and consolidate their sentence writing and learning of high frequency words. They also revised the digraphs, sh, ch, th, at, ar and ng.


Today the children explored the term rights. Children understood that rights are what keep us safe and healthy. The children shared what rights they believe they are entitled to. We discussed this further and reinforced that with rights comes responsibilities.



The children collected data on favourite Pamela Allen books today.  Each child asked their peer and recorded their response on a chart.

Share a story and share a meal

We sat outside in the beautiful sun to eat our lunch today with our buddies.

English | Book Making

The children shared their books and were asked to read their books like a story. 

Reading Congratulations

congratulations to Jordan D and Emily for reaching 125 nights reading and Jasmine for reaching 50 nights. Amazing stuff!

We hope all lour families have a very safe and happy holiday.


Term 2 | Week 9

Welcome to Week 9 everyone.


Today the whole school celebrated Catholic Identity Day.  Here are some of the activities the children participated in.

Log Park Fun

The children used their imaginations to make and build many objects using the logs and branches.


The letter focus for this week were the digraphs ar and ee.


Well done Makai on knowing, learning and recognising the Magic 100 sight words. Fantastic work!

Maths and collecting data

This morning the children were asked to respond to 2 questions: how old are you? and in what month were your born?  The children used sticky notes to represent their information.

The children collected data on favourite ice-cream flavours.

Come Read With Me



Today the children collected data on the colours of counters.  There was counting and responding to questions about the data they collected.

Have  great weekend everyone!

Term 2 | Week 8

It is our Assembly this coming Friday and the children are very excited!  Parents, you are invited to attend our assembly in the Hall at 9am.

We hope you were able to make it today,  if not we will send all parents a YouTube link so you can watch it via the web later this afternoon.


Well done Zachary on reaching 75 nights of reading

Phonics and sounds

This week the focus was the sounds: ss and zz

Health | Fair and Unfair

The students reflected on fair and unfair situations.


After reading a passage from the Bible about how the disciples lived after Pentecost, the students reflected and thought about ways that they could be a part of the parish/Church community and spread the good news and carry out Jesus’ mission.



This week we began a new topic on Data.

The children made a class picture graph about how many boys and girls were at school today (Tuesday).

RMP Sport with Mrs Cooymans

Our Assembly

Well done boys and girls on the amazing assembly you hosted this morning.  Here are a few snaps and the video link has been emailed to all families.

Our Assembly Friday 24/6/22

Hello everyone!

This Friday is RMP and RMN’s class assembly in our school Hall. We would love you to attend and if you cannot make it to the assembly it will be filmed for you to watch at home.

We ask that your child is on time to meet us at 8:45 / 8:50 at the classroom so that we are ready to start at 9am.  


Term 2 | Week 7

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 7, a shorter week than normal due to the Queen’s Birthday holiday.


Congratulations  to our awesome readers

Congratulations Reyansh on reaching 50 nights of reading.

Congratulations Jordan on reaching 100 nights of reading.

Shared Reading 

The Dreadful Fluff by Aaron Blabey



English and phonics

This week the children are learning the ff and ll sounds.  In these lessons the children are asked to show their understanding by reading and writing the list words and drawing a picture next to each to show their comprehension of the words. The children are involved in an interactive writing session by co- constructing the sentences that they will also write in their own workbooks. Pencil grip and fine motor skills are being developed each time they write and draw.  When the children have completed the activity they are asked to read their words and sentences to the teacher. There are many proud little smiles once their task has been completed.  Well done everyone, we are very proud of you!


The children built their own cities today using Lego or blocks.  Here are some bird’s eye views and side views of the cities.

Listening to and following directions

The children listened to the teacher and drew a picture as she used instructions using positional language.

Religion and Pentecost

The children worked on colouring the symbols of Pentecost and made a decoration with each of the elements for our classroom prayer space.


The children located materials from the classroom and sorted them into 4 groups.



The children continued to work on their adding skills and recording their sums. Each child uses 2 dot dice and counts the the dots to find the total amount. There are many busy little minds working hard at counting, reasoning and recording in a format that may range from the drawing of dots only or writing the numbers and using symbols. Here is an image of our class learning intention.

Book Making

Today the children started an author study on a the known Pamela Allen.  She has authored a multitude of books and has delighted millions of children with her lovely books. Today, Mrs Papillo read My Cat Maisie.


Ecology around the school

RMN and RMP are finding little ways to help out around the school. We are currently using a Smart Cara composter in our classroom that will turn our food scraps in to dried “compost” for use in our garden beds.

On Thursdays we go to the Mudla and also we have an opportunity to garden in front of our classroom. Today we turned over the soil, next week we plant!

Turning our food scraps to compost (Watch this space for the transformation)


Turtles – Jordan and Hendrix being brave holding the little turtle, they have sharp claws!

Max the big turtle – Did you know that Mrs Martin raised this turtle from when it was as big as a 50c coin! She named the turtle Max as she was told that the turtle was a boy. We’ve since found out that Max is a girl but the name has stuck! Max is now about 10 years old…


Cleaning up the garden beds, making sure not to dig up the lettuces!


Today the children listened to the story of The Three Little Birds, a traditional story from Guinea, Africa.

The students made the 3 little birds from the story.

Term 2 | Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 everyone, we hope you have a wonderful week and keep warm!

Happy Birthday to Riley. He turned 6 years old last Wednesday. We hope you had a fantastic day Riley!!

English and Phonics for Week 6

Today the children learned the at blend by listening to the sound, saying the sound and writing it.

Reading Awards

Congratulations to Tavae, Jamie-Lee and Aidan on their reading achievements.  Well done!

Well done to Isaiah on reaching 50 nights of reading.


Maths | Position and Location

Today (Monday) the children drew what they saw on their way to school.

The children worked in groups to draw a map of Holy Family School.

Maths Mini

The students are learning how to add numbers together and record the sum in their books.

Technology | Design your own T-shirt.


Students explored the concept of bullying and that it is hurting someone on purpose over and over again. It is not when an unkind thing happens only once. Students discussed some strategies they could use if they were being bullied or if they saw someone being bullied.

HASS Vietnam


Today the children visited Vietnam and listened to a story recommended by Ms Hong.

The story teaches us to share what we have and not to be greedy.  The children made a crow to represent the bird in the story.

ART | Mo Willems characters of Elephant, Piggie and Pigeon.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the pictures drawn by the children that will be part of our upcoming class assembly.


Week 5 | Term 2

Welcome to week 5 everyone and we have a busy week ahead.


Well done to Jordan, Hendrix, Keisha and Cedric on reaching 50 nights of reading.


English and literacy

Here are a few of the books the teachers have read to the children this week.  You may like to share them again.



English | Phonics

The children are learning the digraphs sh and ch this week.

Phonics and sentence writing