Thursday, Term 2, Week 3

Welcome to Thursday.


Daily Routine:

Snapshot of learning:

Technologies- Today we continued our learning around origami. We learnt how to make an origami dog head. We then attached it to a piece of paper and added a background.

Congratulations to Clara who achieved 50 nights reading. Well done! 

See you tomorrow. 🙂

Wednesday – Term 2 – Week 3

Building a Reading Culture

Celebrating Reading

Congratulation Aiden for achieving 25 nights of reading – Well done.

Congratulations Avelyn and  Mileka for achieving 50 nights of reading – Well done.


Congratulations Aria for achieving 75 nights of reading – Well done.

Come Read with Me

During this time the children are engaging with literature and their peers. It is a time to communicate and connect.

Parents are reading with their children, friends are reading together, children are reading independently and Educators are reading with children – it is a busy time. It is also an important time. This is how we start our day and this is how we establish a culture of positive readers. We allow time for children to read, to engage with books as  it demonstrates how much we value reading.


Shared Text

While the children are enjoying their brain food we read a shared text to the children. Reading a book  extends the children’s experiences through literature, they engage with different characters and settings, they notice the different crafting techniques the authors use (for example Big and Bold, speech bubbles). The children get ideas for their own books that they are writing and importantly the enjoy the time of sharing a book.

Here are some of the titles we enjoy reading together:

It is so important that this reading continues at home, each day.

Reading at Home

Ideas to help with reading at home.

  • Read to your child.  If your child is a little tired after a busy day – read the book to your child – pointing to the words. Talk about the picture and what might happen next.
  • Read with your child. Read the book together. Pointing to the words and say the words together.
  • Your child reads the book independently to you or their big brother or sister or to a teddy bear.
  • Re – read the book. Read each sentence at least 3 times, especially if it is a new book. Repetition is the key to some children remembering and building upon their word knowledge.
  • Look at the picture for clues for words the children don’t know.
  • Say the first sound of the word for words that they don’t know – e.g.   sun  (it begins with a sssss sound)
  • There are some words the children just need to remember e.g. the, was (these words are also in their purple books)
  • Make reading fun. Take it in turns reading a page. Read in the car.
  • Find a time and places when your child enjoys the experience of reading. Get into the routine of reading everyday.
  • If your child doesn’t know the word – go back to the beginning of the sentence and reread. Have a go at predicting the word – does it make sense?

The more your read – The more words your child will learn.

Have a lovely evening

Michelle and Paul

Tuesday, Term 2, Week 3

Welcome to Tuesday.


Snapshot of Learning:

English- Today, we learnt about the last letter of the alphabet, Zz. We came up with a list of words that begin with the letter or contain the letter, Zz. We then practised writing the letter and some words beginning with the letter. After that, we wrote some sentences containing high frequency words.

Have a great evening 🙂

Monday – Term 2 – Week 3

Welcome to Marvellous Monday

Congratulations Rozy for achieving 25 nights of reading – well done!

Our Calendar

Our Learning

Snapshot of Learning


Word Study

Letter Yy  and High Frequency Words to build upon skills and knowledge of:

  • Recognition of letter name and sounds
  • Fine Motor skills
  • Formation
  • Word building
  • Sentence building
  • Comprehension
  • Reading Strategies


Facial expression, action and movement are used to tell a story.

We watched  the clip below and reflect upon how this is done.

How do facial expressions, actions and movement  tell a story?

The below clip didn’t work at school so you may like to watch it at home and think about the story the actions and movements are telling.

Then the children drew a picture to reflect an emotion.

Have a wonderful night  – see you tomorrow.

Michelle and Paul

Happy Mother’s Day and Reading Celebrations

Congratulations to Sehaj for 50 nights of reading- Well Done!


Congratulations to Mason for 25 nights of reading – Well Done !

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women in our lives who care, help and teach us. We love you and thank you for all that you do.


My Mum is Special because:

Tanvi –  She is born special.

Helena: She helps me.

Kunal: She buys something for me.

Kirat: She gets me what I want.

Emilia: She always plays with me.

Anna P:  She my mum loves me in my heart.

Olivia: She helps me out and buys toys for me.

Sehaj: She is pink and she helps me.

Eva: She cooks for me.

Anna D: She is kind.

Rozy: She makes food every special.

Quan: She cooks for me.

Matilda: She loves me.

Xavier:  She is really happy.

Lucas: She plays outside with me.

Alexander: I love her because she plays with me.

Luciano: She is beautiful.

Andreas: She takes care of me.

Reid: She helps me clean up.

Ethan: I love her.

Ryder: She helps me all the time

Roman: She loves me.

Mason: I like her.

Mason: She’s nice.

Joel: She gives me food so I can be healthy.

Esrom: She is kind.

Jon: She takes me to the playground.

Eva N: She takes me to McDonald’s.

Makayla: She takes me somewhere.

Clara: She hugs me.

Malika: She takes me to the playground.

Max: She takes me to the shops.

Krisha: she takes me to Hungry Jack’s.

Aiden: she cooks for me.

Ayla: she takes me to the city.

Ellie: she gives me anything I need.

Aria: she gives me nice food.

Kayden: she takes me to the candy shop.

Kevin: She takes me to the candy shop as well.

Harper: she gives me kisses every night.

Fynn: She takes me places

Oscar: Loves me.

Have a lovely weekend – see you on Monday

Thursday, Term 2, Week 2

Welcome to Thursday. 


Daily Routine:

Snapshot of Learning:

Numeracy- Today we continued exploring 3D shapes. The students had to match up the 3D shapes with objects that were the same as each 3D shape. Students then were able to draw other objects that are a certain 3D shape. We focussed on cubes, cones, spheres and cylinders.

We then explored the materials in the classroom to make shapes.

Finally, we went to playground to look for 3D shapes in our world.

Congratulations to Kevin and Lucas for completing 50 nights of reading. Well done boys! 

Have a wonderful evening! 🙂

Wednesday – Term 2 – Week 2

Welcome to Wednesday

Our Calendar

Our Learning

Questions to ask your child about their day?

  • What was in the feely boxes?
  • What do you write your story about?
  • What happened in the book – Possum Magic?
  • Who did you play with during play investigations?

Snap shot of learning

Book Making – How do authors add words to their books?

Sometime Authors add BIG and BOLD words to make their books more interesting to read.

Today we explored adding BIG and BOLD words to our books.


Some photos from Play Investigations

Have a good night 🙂

Tuesday, Term 2, Week 2

Welcome to Tuesday. 


Daily Routine:

Snapshot of Learning:

Health: Today we spoke about the needs of pets. We drew a pet of our choosing and represented the four needs of the pet. These were; water, food, air and shelter.

Reminder- The Mother’s Day stall is this Friday. Students are welcome to bring in some money to buy a gift for their mum. Gifts range from $1- $6. 


Have a wonderful evening 🙂

Monday – Term 2 – Week 2

Welcome to Monday

Our Calendar

Our Learning

Celebrating 25 nights of Reading – Well done Ryder and Malika


Celebrating 50 nights of reading – Well done Ellie


Snap shot of our Learning:


Exploring the letter Ww and High Frequency Words – he, in it, I

  • Recognition
  • formation
  • Sound identification
  • Word Building
  • Sentence Building
  • Connection with independent writing
  • Fine motor skills

Questions you can ask your child:

What sound does the letter ‘w’ make?

Show me how to write the letter ‘W’

What words begin the letter ‘w’?


Shape Picture – we explored:

  • Drawing shapes
  • Identifying properties of shapes
  • Labelling a diagram

Questions to ask your child:

Tell me about your picture.

What did you draw?

What shapes did you use?

Have a great night – see you tomorrow.

A friendly reminder: Tuesday – sport uniform.