We All Belong

Hi Families,
Continuing our theme of “We All Belong” we would love to know more about your families! In class we will be sharing the beautiful book ‘Whoever You Are’ By Mem Fox.

The Story behind Whoever You Are… Every day all over Australia, children are laughing and crying, playing and learning, eating and sleeping. They may not look the same or speak the same language, but inside, they are just like you.

Ive added a link from the author herself, reading the text aloud if you’d like to watch it too. We are so blessed to have such a multicultural community at HFCS and want to celebrate the rich languages and cultures of the families in RSA and RKS. If you could share with us (through comments below or email) the languages spoken at home and the countries your families originate from, we will explore this beautiful diversity during the week.

Thank you also to the families who have brought in a photo. The children’s faces light up when they talk about their photo and it has been lovely watching student’s chat about them during eating time. I’ve heard all about special moments, cool clothes, sparkly gems and swimming pools! We would love everyone to have one up there, so it’s definitely not too late to bring one in!

Mrs Sharman 🙂

Week 2: Thursday the 4th of August

Another fantastic Thursday full of learning and investigation. Our day began with a lot of amazing sharing and collaboration to create awesome artwork in Play Investigation.

After recess we had two lessons. The first lesson RSA went off to P.E. to run off some extra energy while RKS stayed in the classroom to learn our letter of the day, ‘A’. In the second lesson we switched over where RKS went for P.E. and RSA enjoyed learning the letter ‘A’ in the classroom.

After lunch, everyone was exhausted. So, we had some relaxion time and mindfulness before the students went off and investigated further through their play.


Can every student please pack one piece of fruit or vegetable for the students to eat in brain-break.

Week 2: Wednesday 3rd August

Another wonderful Wednesday with heaps of fun and learning! Our day began with lots of creativity during play based investigations. Here we are getting started…

After recess each class took turns in going over to the hall and doing some drama and fitness. Meanwhile the other class was working on their numbers. Today we used unifix cubes to represent each number in our ‘Handful of Fingers’ rhyme. We then recorded what our towers looked like, noticing they look a lot like stairs!


Following lunch was mindfulness time. Having some time during the day to quieten our bodies and minds is so important! After a quick playground break, we finished the day with some investigations. This afternoon, the students played so beautifully. With a focus on kind words and sharing, lots of fun was had!

Thanks for a wonderful Wednesday. I’ll see you all next week and I’m sure Mrs A is eager to see you all!

Mrs Sharman 🙂

Week 2: Tuesday 2nd of August

Welcome everyone to Tuesday, the second week of term in RSA and RKS.
We had a busy day playing with our friends and learning to count with the dice. We began the day with some shared reading where the students read their new library books to their friends.

After recess the students had fun rolling the dice and connecting number values to their symbols. Cheek them out!!

We finished our day off with quite drawing and relaxation after our busy day of learning.

All the students are showing promising steps in their numeracy skills and can’t wait to see all their happy faces tomorrow.

Make sure you are bring in your library bag and your library books for shared reading in the morning

Mr Scrimegour

Week 2: Monday 1st August

Welcome to Week 2! Marvellous Monday started with a range of play based investigations for the students to explore. We then went through our day, ate our brainfood and did some fitness!

Developing oral language skills will be a big focus in our Literacy program therefore we gave the students an opportunity to share some of their creations during investigations. We worked on listening and responding to questions as well as adding detail to our speaking to describe who, what, when, where and why. Thank you to our brave students Audrey, Eshrup and Grace for sharing their learning today.

Our new shared reading book for the week is by the same author Tracey Moroney and entitled ‘The Things I love About My Family’. Next up… LITERACY. We are beginning our learning about letters and sounds. Today was the letter S! We practised our handwriting and brainstormed all the words we know beginning with S.

Maths Mini is a new rhyme called ‘A Handful of Fingers’ it goes like this…

I have a handful of fingers. Yes I do.
I can count them.
Can you count them too?
1 2 3 4 5
5 fingers on my hand, that’s 5.
1 finger up, that makes one.
2 fingers up, making two is fun.
3 fingers up, standing tall.
4 fingers up, that’s the call.
5 fingers up, can you put yours up too?
I have a handful of fingers. Yes I do.
1 2 3 4 5

Our buddies came to help RSA with logging on to our shared laptops today and using the programs Photobooth and Microsoft Word.

What a wonderfully busy day today! See you all tomorrow,

Mrs Sharman 🙂

Friday 29th

Congratulations on your first week at school!!!!!

Today we had Audrey’s birthday. We were very lucky to share her special day with her. At the end of the day she handed out a lollipop to each child to take home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!

Over the last 2 days we have introduced the concept of GREEN and RED choices. We have discussed what green and red choices look like and why we what GREEN choices in our classroom.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and Mrs Sharman and Mr S will back with you on Monday

Mrs A

Thursday week 1

It was my first day in with our class today. They settled in so well in the morning to the inquiry play set up.

Parent you are doing such a great job also… what a big thing it is to hand your precious child over to our care for the day.

With goodbyes – quick and confident always works best. If you need help with this just come and grab one of us to help.

Rec S/A had their Library lesson today so have come home with 5 books. Please enjoy them with your family but keep them in their back folders each day. We will change them over each Thursday.

Starting school is a big transition for their minds and their bodies…. so much is different and they are adjusting to EVERYTHING. Things are different, days are long and 5 days in a row can be a big stretch. They are tired. We encourage rest days / days off as often as they need. It could be once or twice a week to keep their school time a positive experience. Or if that isn’t possible, pick them up at lunchtime to recoup.

We are doing our best to read their needs and adjust things accordingly also.

Kind regards

Mrs A