Today we met as a village and had a yarn about what we thought a mob could be…

Zac: What is a mob?

Do we know what a mob is?

Alexia: a different country

Leo: a monkey is a mob

Eva: an insect could be a mob.

Nahom: It could be black, yellow red.

Sonny: a language

James: a gorilla

Adum: Maybe when people get together

Annabel: a kangaroo

Kie: A meeting

Zac: Maybe everything is like a mob.

The teachers then shared what their mob was and what their mob meant to them and who was in their mobs?

The students were then given the provocation to share about their mob, using their literacy and sharing skills. As educators we got to see the students use their learning powers of belonging and curiosity. The students were able to recognise and share where they felt they belonged and then became curious in each others sharing their mobs with their peers and teachers.

Some of the students reflected…

Kobe: A mob is about your heart.

Dimi: A mob is about family

Sonny: About people and friends.

Enrique: all about friends.

Hong: Your family and friends go to the zoo.

Sonny: my family, my friends and my cousins

Annabel: my family, my two dogs, and my cat and I love my cousins

Leo: My family and my one dog.

Hendrix:  My dog.

Zahra: I have a got a cat and a dog, my mum, my dad and my brother.

My mum and my dad and me.

Ravleen: my mum and my Dad and my brother and my dad.

Kobe: my brothers, my Mum and Dad, my pa and Nan and me.

Just a friendly reminder to please bring back the children blog forms 🙂

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