Guided Reading Week 3

What helps me learn, read, write and speak?

I help myself learn by sitting with my friends or by myself, I can constant when the is not much talking, and when I am working woth my friends I don’t talk to them that much because I want my to do the best I can and finish my work.

I help myself read by when it is quiet  and I don’t always sit with my friends when I read because when they talk with me I get distracted but if friends are sitting with me I do say that don’t talk to me that much beause I get distracted.

I help myself write by that only constant on write instead of something anything else but sometimes I do talk with my friends for something when I am working.

I help myself speak by thinking that I can do everything being brave for speaking. I can speaking up for people in school or anywhere else, like that someone I hurting someone then I can speak up for them.

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