Guided Reading Week 5- Mungo Man

  1. Mungo Man is the oldest skeleton ever found in Australia. How old is Mungo Man’s skeleton? Approximately…a. 400 years old
    b. 4 thousand years old.                                                                                                                                          c. 40 thousand years old. I think this is it because there is no 42,000 and this is the closest to it

    2.In which region was Mungo Man’s skeleton discovered? Add a map of the country. he was discovered in willandra lakes at lake mungo

    3.How did geologist Jim Bowler find the skeleton? geologistJim bowler fond mungo mans skeleton on a research trip in 1974

    4.Why were the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Willandra Lakes angry. becuase he toke mungo mans skeleton to a lab and they got angry

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