What I did on the Holidays

On the holidays I celebrated my grandma’s birthday also I had a picnic ¬†with my family friends and my grandma and when we where there we played cricket and soccer and my team won and when it was 6:00 o’clock everyone went home. The next day we just stayed home and then we went to the shops and we bought a lot of stuff. When we went to my grandpa’s house we ate lunch and dinner. When we got home we went to sleep in the morning we ate outside for breakfast. I had toast with butter and coffee and at the afternoon I went on my trampoline with my mum, my sister and my brother. Then we ate lunch then me, my brother, my sister, my mum and my grandma had a barbecue at my house we cooked pork and chicken. When we had dinner we played on the trampoline then we went to sleep.

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