Kuyangani – Kaurna for ‘the place where fish congregate’ – Holy Family Fish Farm 2017

This year the staff and students have been engaging in learning to develop aquariums for a range of fish and underwater creatures. What started off as small tanks for goldfish has evolved to bigger aquaponics areas using waste from yabbies to grow plants and herbs. This week children assisted in the creating a new tank for a class turtle. Overall it has been great to see the learning that has evolved from introducing barramundi, silver perch and murray cod. Feel free to come have a look!


Pope Francis Cup – An interschool success!!

Last Friday Holy family invited four classes of students from St Thomas Goodwood for the inaugural Pope Francis Cup.

The events of the day included sharing our assembly, Soccer, AFL, netball and the day concluded with learning on ‘National Sorry Day.’

The reception / Year 1 students shared in learning investigations with the visitors.

Overall the children had a great of sport and learning whilst making many new friendships. The first event ended in a draw with the visitors sharing the cup.

A community workshop for learning about Technology

On Wednesday last week a team of staff at Holy Family including Mr Gary Snell, Mr Hansen Kosowski, Mrs Emma Finos and I led a workshop for over 35 different families on various aspects of Information Technology. The workshops stemmed from parent interest pertaining to the new 1-to-1 laptop initiative for all students from Years 2 to 7 this year. Parents were able to learn from the experts, being the children, about software and how to use the technology to enhance learning. It was great to see the children sharing their learning with their parents. Specifically, the workshop focused on safety, security and software with information on learning programs such as Active Inspire, Photobooth, Rainforest Maths, iMovie, Keynote and Photos. Overall we will continue to aim to hold similar workshops as the software develops to share our learning as a community.


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