At Holy Family Catholic School our diversity is a great strength!

On Monday we celebrated Harmony Day. It was a time to celebrate our amazingly enlivened multiculturalism, and the successful integration of all communities into our school. Harmony Day was about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all students, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core values. Students were invited to wear their own cultural dress or the colour orange to celebrate the day.


Co-construction of learning between teachers and students at Holy Family in 2022

At Holy Family we have been building on our whole school learning practices to engage with Clarity. This has enabled teachers to share and co-construct with their students the learning intentions, success criteria, learning walls and ‘bump it up’ walls for each learning activity. Here are some incredible examples in literacy, numeracy, Spanish (notice translation included), physical education, HASS and religion. Our whole school community can see the positive impact that these practices are having on student engagement and their learning outcomes.

Welcome back to 2022!

What an amazing first week!

Congratulations to all of our staff, students, parents and our wider community who have been able to successfully navigate the effective continuation of learning in multiple modes being face to face for Reception / Year 1 and online learning Year 2-6.

It has been incredible to see the amazing online live lessons and the positive interactions within the learning between teachers and students.


Welcome to Term 3 2021

Hi everyone,

As Deputy Principal of Holy Family Catholic School I would like to welcome everyone to Term 3 of the school year. This term we have welcomed over 40 new students to our school and have started 2 new Reception classes. This term we will continue our mission in the areas of Catholic Identity, Evolving Pedagogy and Ecological Conversion. The new Curiosity space has enabled a greater depth of learning in Literacy and will provide opportunities for integration in all learning areas.


I’d like to welcome all new and existing families to the 2021 school year!

The community and especially the students have been really excited about the new Basketball and Netball courts that the school has built in Grevillea Reserve. Already the students have enjoyed using this space during Physical Education, fitness and break times.

The new school library is coming along with the building starting to take shape.

In 2021 our school will continue to focus on the importance of Literacy with particular focus towards Reading and Writing development.

I’m looking forward to continuing to assist all students to reach their learning potential and working with families in our school.

Holy Family Australia & EPiC Elementary USA collaboration

Over the past two years we have been working with fellow Apple Distinguished School EPiC elementary in Missouri. We have shared learning in areas of Geography, Ecology and the Sustainable Developmental Goals. Recently, EPiC heard of the devastation of the recent bush fires and the impact on the animals, people with their homes and land. They created and made their own pouches and sent them over to in Australia. When the pouches arrived it was up to our students to pass these onto the right agency. Mr DePalma’s and Mrs Norris / Ms Braiotta’s classes decided to take on the challenge and researched the agency called ‘BurnAid,’ who suggested we contact ‘Minton Farm Animal Rescue Cenrtre.’ After making contact, yesterday we were able to pass on the pouches to Bev at the rescue centre. Today we were able to video chat with EPiC for their Open Night. It was truly amazing to connect the students that worked together on this amazing project which made a ‘real’ positive impact on animals impacted by the bushfires.

Welcome to 2020!

How exciting is it to be back!!!

I’d like to welcome all our new and existing families and students to Holy Family in 2020!

On the weekend we participated in two special events.

The first event was last Saturday we had a Fish Farm fundraiser at Aggies Aquariums to raise funds for our MUDLA.

The second event was the Biannual Salisbury Parish Multicultural Carnival where we organised Soccer matches for our Year 2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 students. The whole day was a huge success in bringing together the community for a great purpose.


Global Action Team connection

Over the past year at Holy Family we have been working as a Global Action Team with Apple Distinguished schools in America and Mexico.

As a result of this our students have been working together and sharing their learning with each other.

Recently, the two American schools in the group from Arizona and Missouri created presentations for our students on their climate and what they have been learning about.

Our students were very grateful to receive these presentations that were created for us.

The Holy Family students are now working on adding their own learning to share with the schools in America.