Marhaban- Let’s learn Arabic

This week’s focus is Arabic. Arabic is spoken in 22 countries by over 200 million people. As a liturgical language is used by 1 billion people!

Arabic is not just one language! There is the Liturgical Arabic which all Muslims should know because is the language used in the Qur’an.  Then, there’s the Modern Arabic used in writing that many Arabs know. The Egyptian Arabic is the most widely spoken because there are 80 million of them and because they lead in terms of music and media in general.And then, there is a variety of dialects spoken across the 22 country and 2 continents.

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Here are some of our students who speak Arabic:

Jasmine and Jibran Zebian

Jasmine and Jibran jpg

Karlos Bou Karroum


Lilian Chehayeb



Lynn Hassan

Lynn Hassan R


Omid and Amin HussaniOmid and Amin

Lara and Olivia Richani

Jad Jamarkani


Feryal Faizan


Mrs Rita Giannakakis








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