Back to South Sudan: Bari, Ma’di and Kuku

front officeThis week’s language of the week is three languages: Ma’di, Bari and Kuku. They are all spoken in South Sudan and in the northern neighbouring Uganda. We put them together because they are related in the Nilotic family of languages. Kuku is in fact a dialect of Bari.

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Happy children 🙂


Girl wearing traditional head gear.


The South Sudanese love to celebrate with dance and music!girls



Beehive house made of young branches and twine.toposa-tukels

South Sudan experiences the largest animal migration in Africa.

largest animal migration in africa


Our Holy Family students


Ruth and Nathan Amale (Dennis Amale not shown)


Paul Yata, Steve Mori, George Geri and Patience Mori ( Grace Kwaje not shown)


Arnold Wani

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