Prepositional Poetry

3/4 MN and 3/4 KC/NP have been working on poetry. But not the ordinary kind! It’s prepositional poetry! The students were provided with a setting e.g. a haunted castle and some images from the book, “Where the Forest Meets the Sea”. They let their imagination run wild by pretending they were actually there!

Each line is essentially a prepositional phrase. Can you spot the metaphors?

Some amazing work Year 3/4!  Please read some of their poems below.



Towards the horrible, black tunnel
In the deep, carved walls
On the faded, dusty stones
Against the door of mysteries
Below the old, rusty vines
Beside a small rotting chair
Alongside the lonely, dead tree
Above only the bright blue sky


By Jessica



In the roots of the rotting trees
on the tip of the palace
through the deep, dark scary entrance
between the mossy, stone walls
inside the lost house
near the darkened entrance
above the palace doors
on the webbed, stone walls


By Judd Harrison Edward Jackson



Across the crooked bridge
Through the noisy door
up the wonky, cracked stairs
in the haunted bedroom
inside the dark, unwelcoming wardrobe
through the hidden door
below the giant, crashing rocks
above the never ending floor
towards the ladder of doom
on the wobbly balcony
past the dead graves
near the resurrected zombie


By Riley Stam

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