Assembly Reflection by 56ae and 56hm 1/3/19

This is my work!

Today it was 56ae and 56hm assembly there assembly was great!

What did you enjoyed?

I enjoyed the part is the editing from the last thing from the assembly. Because it looked like it had a lot of shapes it was cool.

What were you feeling?

I was feeling happy because when the tv had Netflix but also had the class it is 56ae and 56hm. And I was thinking big kid’s are art’s.

What you learnt?

I learnt that they did the Minecraft drawing that they had to draw themselves. In their Minecraft look because it look amazing!

What you would like to try?

I would like to try the editing from the last part with the dance. Because it look like shapes, colourful and neon it was amazing! 🙂

by Emily

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