Bearded Dragon Lizard Breeding News

As well as breeding fish, our school is also trying to breed bearded dragon lizards.We have two bearded dragon lizards in the Mudla, a male called Memphis and a female called Psycho.

A while ago, Psycho laid 14 eggs. We didn’t know that Psycho was a female until she laid her eggs. The eggs were not fertile (there were no babies inside).

We now have a playing pen inside the Mudla for both Memphis and Psycho. Memphis sometimes does a mating dance to impress Psycho. We are hoping that Psycho will become pregnant. If she does, she will lay her eggs in 4-6 weeks.

We will keep you informed.

Thien-An Dang and Sama Lingampally 56HM



21 thoughts on “Bearded Dragon Lizard Breeding News

  1. Welcome to the Blog network Thien-an and Sama. This is exciting news! We can’t wait fir the next chapter in the story. Thank you fir what you are doing!

    Mr White

  2. I love that you guys have done that because I did not know that we had male and female so it is going to be cool if we can have babies.


  3. Well this is a congratulations to Psycho & Memphis
    but I kind of knew that one of them had to be a girl well it might be curious to see a baby I wonder which gender.

  4. Wow small things can make a huge difference maybe they might get more than 2 and start a family some male water animals can help with the eggs (google part) seahorses
    While male seahorses are the only ones that hold developing eggs in a true pouch, male pipefish and male seadragons carry developing eggs attached to an area on the underside of their bodies, supplying nutrients and oxygen through a placenta-like connection (that’s it)

  5. this is intresting becuase i never even knew what gender both of them were, and now that I know they’re are getting breeded i can wait for the next couple weeks 😀

  6. I find the Bearded Dragon/ Lizard breeding program with Memphis and Psycho, very interesting. Because we’ll probably be able to see the baby Bearded Dragons that belong too Memphis and Psycho.

    Kiara Earl

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