Holiday Recount

In the holidays I went to see my Grandpa in the Balaklava hospital because he is very sick so we see him every day. The first week Clark came to my house and I Showed him around my house. after we played with my transformers.

After that we played tennis with Kiara and Alica. Clark and I won the First three Games the girls won the fourth Game.

After that we played on the wii. We played wii sports on the wii. then we had dinner we had lasagna. Then we had gone to bed.

In the morning we had breakfast. For breakfast we had pancakes. Before Clark went home we played tennis again. Then Clark went home in my uncles trunk. After we dropped Clark off I went to buy a guitar for my birthday.

The second week I went to Clarks house and we played halo reach, After we play on the xbox we played capture the Flag outside.

I got the guitar because I wanted to play a instrument.

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