SACPSSA Netball Carnival

2nd of July – Blog catchup

Tuesday the 2nd saw our students venture to Priceline stadium for the catholic schools netball carnival. This has always been a fantastic day and we always have strong representation.

This year was no different with 63 students both girls and boys ranging from years 4-6 coming along and participating in netball. There were some fantastic team and individual performances but also the games were played in great spirit. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and there were numerous students playing netball for the first time.

Thanks to all the parents who attended the carnival your support is much appreciated and these carnivals wouldn’t happen without your support.

It was such a busy day we didnt get a chance to take photos.

Soccer Carnival

30th July – Blog catchup
Tuesday the 30th saw the long awaited rescheduled soccer carnival. This carnival was meant to be played over a term ago but was postponed due to poor weather. Today the weather was much better and the students experienced a fantastic carnival planned by our northern cluster of catholic schools. Our first year part of the cluster, it has allowed us to take many more students to sports they may not be able to attend due to numbers.
This carnival gave an amazing opportunity for students succeed outside the classroom and 65 students both boys and girls to participated, some for the first time ever playing soccer.
The abilities were mixed across teams and the teamwork and encouragement was amazing to see. We also took 18 year 4 students who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to participate in a carnival.
So many fantastic performances, all students should be congratulated.
Special thanks to the amazing help from Elyse, Andy, Nick and Hayley. Also Nina and Sandra (parent helpers), this allowed the day to run smoothly.

Cross Country

7th of August – Blog catch up

HFCS always has an excellent representation at the SACPSSA cross country carnival in the Adelaide parklands. This year was no exception with 63 students attending.
The rain held off and students had a fantastic day. One of our best ever performances with three first place finishes. A tough 2km course with hills and creeks through the parklands, we had 63 students all complete the course. Ranging from year 3s to 6 our students represented the school admirably.
Special mention to Makur who finished 4th in Year 3 division B. Budleech who won Year 5 division B. Pieng who won a gold medal for first in Year 5 division A and finally Liam who took out the final race winning gold in the Year 6 division A.
Special mention to Hayley for helping with training and today. Also to the parents who come and supported us.

Tennis Carnival

Today students from HFCS ventured to the Playford Tennis Centre for the SACPSSA tennis carnival. This is one of the first times our school has attended the tennis carnival and was the first ever carnival at Playford.
It was such a fantastic day, freezing cold weather but flaming hot tennis!!
Our students were excellent, showing that lunch time practice and tennis in PE really pays off.
All of our students experienced multiple wins with James M and Sama winning sportsman ship awards. It was a fantastic effort by all involved.
The squad:
Sam G
James M
Hannah W