SACPSSA Cricket Carnival

Last Friday 14 students represented Holy Family at the SACPSSA cricket carnival at Karen Rolton Oval in Adelaide. These students were divided into two teams for the day.

There was some excellent skills on show and all of the students competing and represented HFCS to the highest standard. One of the teams continued to improve throughout the day and the other team successfully won all four of their games.

Great effort by all those involved.

VSA Beach Volleyball Carnival

Suns out guns out!!
The 35 guns that represented Holy Family today at the VSA beach volleyball carnival representing the school admirably.
All 7 of the teams won multiple games with 3 teams making the finals.
The girls team consisting of Riya, Victoria, Kiara, Helen, Farah and Isabella were semi finalists. While two boys teams consisting of Sam G, Josh, Arnav and Kai played Solomon, James J, Aymen and Phillip in a semi final.
The first team progressed to the final but unfortunately came up a few points short in a tight encounter, but ultimately won the silver medal.
Fantastic effort by those involved and a special thanks to Jenna (Kiara’s mum) and Bianca (Nicky-Rose’s mum) for volunteering their time. Also special thanks to Emmaline for helping us out as well.
Such a great achievement for a sport their was rarely played within our school at the start of last year.
Great effort to all those involved

Remote Learning

Hey everyone,

We are hope you are all safe and well during this lock down. It is so important that we find a way to stay active during this time. I know we cannot leave our houses for exercise but there is a lot we can do inside our house and in the backyard (even with limited space).

Today i have attached a link to a website that we created with the help of international schools during term one. Some of you may have seen it but as the school was still open may not have needed it as much.

This website has a range of sports and skills you can try, and they give you examples of ways you can modify if you don’t have equipment.

If you look closely there is even a guest appearance from Mr White’s son who is a professional basketballer and Mrs Cooymans nephew who is an professional AFL footballer.

Have fun and if you have any questions about staying active during this time, feel free to email me.

Stay tuned to the PE blog for more activities.

Week 2 – Classic Catches

Hey sporting superstars!!

Week 2s focus is catching. The more we practice the more often we can catch an object. We would like you to practice your catching at home using what ever sporting equipment you have. You could always use a pair of rolled up socks.

Challenge helps us improve our skills. Use FlipGrid ( to record yourself performing a catch that tests your skills.

This is Mrs Cooymans and my efforts.

Have fun!

Ps. Don’t do dives unless you know how to land safely.

Week 1 – Trick Shot Challenge

Hey students,

Here is a challenge for you. Im sure you have seen trick shots on YouTube, Instagram and other forms of socials. We are going to create our challenge platform using FlipGrid. We have set a challenge for you, our focus is a target shot. See if you can match or better ours 🙂 Use this link:

To login into FlipGrid you use your school email and laptop password. See the image below.

Your task is to record your trick shot and publish it to the FlipGrid. This challenge is mainly aimed at Years 2-6 as you all have your own laptop, although R-1s can join in if they can access the FlipGrid.

Have fun and be creative! We look forward to seeing your trick shots 🙂


Week 1 PE Lesson – Create your own Obstacle Course

Good morning Holy Family students.

For the students learning at home we are going to focus on our fundamental movement skills and game skills. Your task in week 1 is to create your own obstacle course. Follow the instructions in the video below. There is a video for R-2 and a seperate video for 3-6. Remember our goal is to raise our heart rates and be creative.

R-2 – Obstacle Course

Years 3-6 – Obstacle Course

Have fun!

Post a comment if you have any questions 🙂

Online PE Learning

Good morning parents,

Myself and Leanne are currently in the process of planning and designing a range of activities and exercises students can view and access whilst learning from home.

We are planning fun and engaging activities that align to the curriculum. Stay tuned to the PE blog as we will be including a range of resources, content and activities.

Our aim is to ensure your children are remaining active and balancing the time spent on sitting at a desk on computers with movement and physical challenges.

More information to come!

Year 3/4 Soccer Carnival

Morning all,

With our approach to transfer carnival consent to digital copies i am advising you of the upcoming soccer carnival.

Numerous Year 3/4 students showed interest in the carnival so a friendly reminder that the consent form is now available of the QKR app. This carnival takes place next Thursday 19th of March.

If you have any issues accessing the QKR app please contact our friendly office staff and they will happily assist you.

Looking forward to it!

Catholic Schools Swimming Squad

Congratulations to the following students who will represent Holy Family at the catholic schools swimming squad. There will be one final training held tomorrow (3rd March) at Parafield Gardens Swim at 7:30am.

Year 3

Ella, Alyssa, Ruby, Meklet

Year 4

Ruby, Charlotte, Joseph

Year 5

Nicky-Rose, Sam, Nikos, Hannah

Year 6

Udesh, Georgiana, Shylah, Kimberly, Lincoln

These students will compete at the University Pool in Magill on the 11th of March, 12pm – 3pm.

Any questions please feel free to contact us.

Daniel and Leanne