Everything about education is special and adaptive…

This week our Special Education/Adaptive Education teacher, Ms. Quigley is away from school. As Principal I thought it would be an opportunity for me to visit the children usually supported by Miss Quigley in their classrooms and catch up with their learning. Consequently, I have programmed myself in with the children over the next ten days.

I am learning a great deal from this experience and enjoying it immensely. I’m marvelling at the professionalism of the teachers in the learning provocations they offer to the children and the absolute zest the children have for their learning.

Although some children are identified as requiring learning support, I am entering into the work with the children with a mind-set that each and every child is intelligent and bringing a unique view of the world with them to school.

I am witnessing first-hand how the children learn so much from each other and how they use technology skilfully to enhance and share their learning.