Feliz Pascua – Happy Easter


Pascua (Easter), is a Spanish holiday celebrated over the course of several days in remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus. At the end of La Cuaresma (Lent), La Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations begin, these include daily processions and festivities.

During la Semana Santa, Spanish towns have street parades every day.  In the processions, people carry and follow floats, known as pasos.  On the floats, there are statues of Jesús and la Virgen María.   Los pasos are beautifully decorated with flowers, gold, silver, candles and fine fabrics.


A popular Easter cake is called la Mona de Pascua.    It is decorated with coloured feathers and big chocolate eggs or figurines.   Cake shops compete to see who can make the most impressive monas to place in their shop windows!


How is Easter celebrated in Spain?

Here are some of the most popular Holy week celebrations in Spain.


Spanish Easter Vocabulary

Practise your Spanish language skills: How many Spanish Easter words do you know?




Juegos de Pascua en español – Spanish Easter Game

Please use the link below to play the Spanish Easter game

Pascua game


Please enjoy dancing “El baile de conejito” – The bunny dance.


In Spanish, this week we have been learning our ‘colores’ (colours) . If you would like to practise your Spanish at home, why not teach a parent or friend what you have learnt in class?


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