My Moon Lantern

Today I made a Moon Lantern with Eva.We were planing to do a dragon but we had no wire.So we changed it to doing a cup of Lemonade.We thought it was an unusual idea.We started to get it’s shape with some red pop sticks.After we were happy with it’s shape, we got a piece of some sort of paper with wavy decoration on the edge.We wrote Lemonade YUMM! on it.It was pretty big so we cut of the wavy decoration of with scissors.We got some clear cellophane and put it over the pop sticks.Then when we were finished getting the cellophane on the pop sticks, we stuck the sign on.During that time when Eva was sticking on the cellophane and sign, I was drawing some Lemons and then cutting them out.We ended out with 6 lemons.The bigger they were, the closer they are to the bottom and the smaller they are, the closer they are to the top!When we were finished, we put on a green straw and put on some string.And we felt like drinking it!


My robot (circuit)

I was working on my robot with Mr.Ryan and the first thing he said was “The circuit needs a power source”.The power source was batteries.He mentioned that “metal conducts electricity”.We had to screw on the light bulbs.After we did that, we had to make our light switch.Mr.Ryan already had the paper ready so all we had to do was poke the split pin in the paper.Once we put the wires all together, we attached the wire to the end of the split pin.When we put the 2 ends of the split pins together the electricity can travel through it and light up the light bulb.


My Drawing of a Thailand Temple

This is a drawing I drew when we where doing country investigations on Thailand.I watched a tutorial with Victoria and we where both drawing it.When I was finished, I drew 2 bushes one light green and one dark green on each side.After I finished the bushes I drew 2 people on each side and then drew the sun then I put some grass.In the background I drew Mount Everest  and 2 other mountains on the the side of it.When I finished drawing all of that, I started colouring it in.It was taking a while so Eva helped me colour it in.This took me about 1 and a half weeks.


This is the drawing!

My Origami Tulip

When we where doing country investigations on Holland/Netherlands, I made origami tulip.I started of with 2 small square pieces of paper and then I followed the steps in the video.It was pretty hard but it was worth it.After I was finished I went on with the stem, but there was a step that was really hard for me to do so I asked Kayla.S to help me.I did some bits and she did some bits and then we where finished, we poked a tiny whole in the top bit op the tulip and put the stem in that hole.

Virtual reality

When I was using the virtual reality headsets It felt really weird because I chose the shark experience and I was on a chair in real life but what I see when I look down I don’t see a chair when I actually am sitting on a chair. After a while a shark cam out and it was really cool to see a shark and it looked like I was really there but I was actually looking through virtual reality headsets.When me and Victoria’s headsets bumped a little we got a shock.


We where playing a coding game called Lightbot.In a box you give it commands and on the way there will be blue squares and you have to light then up by using the light bulb.I played through all the levels and I earned a Certificate