My Moon Lantern

Today I made a Moon Lantern with Eva.We were planing to do a dragon but we had no wire.So we changed it to doing a cup of Lemonade.We thought it was an unusual idea.We started to get it’s shape with some red pop sticks.After we were happy with it’s shape, we got a piece of some sort of paper with wavy decoration on the edge.We wrote Lemonade YUMM! on it.It was pretty big so we cut of the wavy decoration of with scissors.We got some clear cellophane and put it over the pop sticks.Then when we were finished getting the cellophane on the pop sticks, we stuck the sign on.During that time when Eva was sticking on the cellophane and sign, I was drawing some Lemons and then cutting them out.We ended out with 6 lemons.The bigger they were, the closer they are to the bottom and the smaller they are, the closer they are to the top!When we were finished, we put on a green straw and put on some string.And we felt like drinking it!


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