Going To Melbourne! ✈️

On Tuesday the 15th of January,I went on a plane to Melbourne to see my niece.The flight said it was going to take 1h and 25 m.I was going to Melbourne with my Aunty and my cousin.My Mum went and walked with me for a while before we had to say bye.And my little brother wanted to go to the little playground so my dad had to go back.My cousin got a little hungry so she ordered some chips at Hungry Jacks.After about 10 m, I went to say bye to my little brother and dad.After my cousin was finished we went of to the gates.Then I said bye to my Mum.We went on the plane and I got cold.when we went in our seats my cousin gave her jumper to me for me to wear.It was really oversized but I was fine with that because I normally wear oversized clothes anyways.My aunty put of the air con so that I wouldn’t get cold.Then all of us were getting cold so my aunty closed all the air cons off.I was a bit bored for a while and I had some paper and pencils in my small bag to draw but the paper would keep curling up because I rolled the paper up.After a few minutes I got tired so I took my seat belt and my cousin let me rest on her lap.I fell asleep for about half an hour.Then the rest of the flight I looked out the window and I was thinking about a lot of questions like “what are the clouds made of?”.After when we were told to put our seatbelt back on, my ears were getting blocked.My cousin told me to pinch my nose and blow out.It worked and it made a weird pop feeling in my ears.We arrived at Melbourne and I gave my cousin back her jumper and we were about 20 minutes early so we had to wait a lot longer the usual for my niece to come and pick us up.we waited in the middle bench.It was a pretty long time but they eventually got to us.When I went in the car, my niece told me about her making the fan that she had in her hands.She was talking about the funny parts in the movie reck it Ralph.It was also a long time to get to their house.My niece said that she wanted to make a song called “SLAP YOUR SELF!”, and I just agreed to try because it could actually be fun.When we got there my cousin (niece Mum) asked us where we would like to sleep.We answered “out here on a mattress”.So she started to set up the mattress for us.We were able to sleep the other way around so it would be like a king size bed.we had sheets and a blanket but we couldn’t share then because it was to small to fit all the way to the other side of the mattress.My niece had a whole list of what we could do.We where going to try to cross as many off the list as possible.I started to unpack all of my stuff and I put my torch next to the mattress for the night if we need anything.I put my Pusheen plush on the mattress as well.

It was really fun to be able to see my niece in a while.

Going to Marion Bay! ☺️

Today I’m going to Marion Bay for the holidays!My Mum told me it was going to be a 3 hour drive.Since it was pupil free day, I could stay in bed for longer but eventually I had to go and pack my bag!The car booth was really full and I didn’t know if everything would fit in there.We were going to go of at the afternoon so I got bored.So I just went on the rings doing pullovers and Gymnastics.After a while I saw that the drying machine was on so I went in fount of it to feel the warm air that comes out!While I was doing that I got my iPod to watch some Youtube.I stayed there for about 4 minutes.After a while it was Lunch.After Lunch we had to wait another 4 hours until our whole family (relatives) go to my Grandma’s house.During those 4 hours, I was playing ROBLOX with Victoria and did some Piano playing.After 3 hours we had an early dinner.When it was time to go, I went in the car and forgot to get Pusheen but luckily My Mum got it for Me.Our whole family were going to meet at my aunty’s house and it took use about 25 minutes.After we got there and we were there for just a bit and then we went of.After about 20 minutes I started to get bored so I went to sleep.I slapped for the whole ride because I was so tired.It was 8:17 PM when we arrived.Nobody else lived there so we were the only one’s there.The house was a 2 story house.There was a room down stairs that had a lot of bunk beds.I was sleeping in one of the beds on the second floor but there wasn’t enough space for my Dad so he slept on the ground in his sleeping bag.Sadly there was no internet so me and my cousin played Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch.We did that for most of the day because we couldn’t think of anything else to do.And also my little brother Quan, he was staring at the fans most of the days because he really likes fans.My cousin Hung found binoculars on a table and when we looked through it, it zoomed in a lot!When me were about 3 metres away we were already in each others faces!

The filled up car booth                                            My bedroom

Iran counting up to 1-10

Today Michelle made a Flipchart about Iran In Country Investigations.Me and Victoria both tried to do one of the dances but we were the WORSE at dancing!So we did Persian numbers, but at first we were not doing it together.After a while we did it together.It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to do the Iran writing.BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!And also the writing looks like art work!After we were FINALLY done we were actually exited to share it and normally we wouldn’t be exited to share what we do.When it was sharing time, we released we were last.But when it was our turn we stood up and we showed the class and most of them said “WOW”.After Mrs.Handforth asked us if we knew how to pronounce them.And we did it was yek do se chahar pant shush haft hash not dah.We were proud.

Link to counting in Persian down there (the blue writing)



My buddy Assembly 3MP & 5CM

Today was my Assembly.I brought my Indian jewellery for Sreyleab who was acting as Sita.Me and Victoria were waiting in the side of the stage until the story of Rama and Sita.We had a lot of dances in our Assembly ☺️!Around after prayer, it was the story!When Kayla and Kayla read the part when Sita gets kidnapped, me and Victoria gave Sreyleab the jewellery to throw!When the animals went in the stage and they were suppose to pick up the jewellery for me and Victoria but they forgot!Me and Victoria got a bit annoyed 😒.But when the curtains closed, we ran VERY QUICK and got the jewellery!When it came near the end, it was my turn to read!I was quite shy to go on the stage.But I went on the stage and used my bravery.After my part, it was the song This Little Light of Mine, and I felt proud of my self!After the Assembly, I went to my Mum and Little Brother to give them the Indian Jewellery to them to take back home!




Kayla & Kayla Narrating


Today was outdoor ed day.My class just got put into random things so I wasn’t happy about that 😡.But it didn’t go too bad!I got yoga, TBA witch is now board games and fossil hunting/handball.I found out that me and Sreyleab had the EXACT same activities.Lia had the 2 first thing the same as me.After recess,I went with Sreyleab and Lia to near the log park to go to yoga.We all went on 1 mat so it was a bit squashed.I was already used to most of the stretches because I have done them in Gymnastics.But my legs were sore and same with my back.But when I did the stretches they got better!At the end we got to relax.Next I went wit Lia and Sreyleab to do the board games.I started colouring in a flower but then I wanted to see Melissa and Sreyleab do a challenge.They got out the battle ships and the challenge was to put all the little white and red things in the holes.I helped Melissa and we won.But that’s because we had 2 people.We did it again but this time it was me and Sreyleab.Half way through, Charlie came in and helped Sreyleab.When I had I about quarter left to do, Sreyleab and Charlie finished and won.But that was because they had 2 people.After Lunch was fossil hunting/handball.Me Victoria and Sreyleab found about 4 fossils.I found I big Giant rock.I likes the board games the most because it was fun to do the weird challenge!

Coding Book

On Thursday, I borrowed this how to code book and it had a lot of things on scratch!Me and Kayla.R shared the book so she would keep it and then on Friday she would give it back to me to keep it on the weekend.I found out how to make a maze and to make a chase game!It was fun to find out new things about scratch because I have been on it for a long time and it’s nice to learn a thing about it!


The Book



The Maze Game

Chase Game

Coding Book

On Thursday, I borrowed this how to code book and it had a lot of things on scratch!Me and Kayla.R shared the book so she would keep it and then on Friday she would give it back to me to keep it on the weekend.I found out how to make a maze and to make a chase game!It was fun to find out new things about scratch because I have been on it for a long time and it’s nice to learn a thing about it!


My Diya Lamp (painted

Quite a few weeks ago I painted my diya lamp for my assembly.I didn’t know what colour to paint it so I just looked at other peoples and then It gave me more ideas.So I painted the heart blue then inside purple then the edges on the inside blue and then the rest yellow.Then after I put on a bunch of different coloured glitter.


This is my diya lamp

Diwali Dia Lamp

Yesterday we made Lia Lamps for our Diwali Assembly.We made it out of clay.The clay was really hard so we had to squees in to make it warm and when it gets warm it gets softer.It took me about 3 minutes to even get it soft!After when it got soft, I started to make a boat kind of shape.I made the symbol and tried to stick it on the front but it just drooped down.So I stuck on the first bit on the ground and started to stick the other bits on to finish the Symbol.It took me about 4 attempts to do it.After that, I rolled up some extra clay an them shaped it into a heart.Then I put the heart in the Dia lamp.That was where the candle would go.I knew it wouldn’t fit so I made it bigger.It still wouldn’t fit but I didn’t know what to do next.

We will paint them maybe on Monday!