Be open and creative and good ideas can flow


I was chatting to LibrarianSarah M. in the Library recently about the Mass furniture in the Sanctuary in The Centre. I told her that I noticed she did not push the Altar Table or the Lectern into a corner when school resumes each Monday. She told me that she leaves it in place and the children do not go up to the top level. A few things arose from this conversation:

I thought it was very respectful of Sarah and her staff to adopt that attitude. Sometimes when spaces are shared, people can be a bit territorial.
It gave me the idea that more than just leaving the furniture in place, we could put it to good use.
I think the Sanctuary area could be used as Sacred Space or a Chapel until we build our Chapel onto the Pope John Paul 11 Hall in the future.
We can make a feature of the Word of God with the Bible opened on the Altar during the week.
We will add moveable vinyl cushions on the lower step to invite to kneel or sit comfortably in prayer or reflection
Class groups could visit the Sacred Space to listen to the word of God in word or music
We the staff, could use the space for staff Prayer
And many more possibilities

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