“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” – Aristotle

Throughout the day the children attended music, Spanish and PE, meaning that we had a lot of time out of the class. When in class, we explored a range of themes, including ecology, investigations and writer’s workshop. After sports day chants in the afternoon, the children chose to engage in mindful activities, such as mindful colouring, relaxation, reading and writing.

Children followed up on the talk by d’Arcy Lunn from Teaspoons Of Change by thinking about how they can change:

I can change by…

picking up rubbish – Jacob
making sure I turn the tap off – Viraj
planting plants and helping them grow by caring for them – Dim
riding my bike instead of going my car – Cooper
not hurting animals homes and habitats – Ishpreet
not wasting water and paper – Chase
not leaving the tap on – Isabella
turning off the power – Nickolas
using the pure tap instead of bottled water – Awan
helping people in the world – Angie
connecting with people and picking up rubbish – Nhial
don’t put rubbish in the sea – Adum
by making more plants and love one another and care to one another and share to one another and don’t be rude to one another because then we will fight and you don’t want to fight because it’s not good to fight and you are never allowed to fight because then you will get in trouble and get hurt and you will bleed and give nature food and don’t put rubbish in the sea and give people food if they don’t have food and care for them if they don’t have food and give them food and always love your parents and listen to your parents and your teacher and you must listen at school and you should always listen to your teachers or you will get in trouble – Elnathan
do sports and picking up rubbish and we help people because they don’t have anywhere – Nahom
helping people and being nice. I can play with people and if they are hurt, you help them and take them to the teacher – Arjan
I like playing with people and making some flowers with them and being friends with them and do good choices and we get some food and some water and you go to school and wash the dishes and play with my friends – Nyok
sharing stuff to people and help people and be kind and care about them and respect the people – Alexander
you have to be kind and then you have to put rubbish in the bin and be very sharing stuff. We have to help people and you can’t say bye when you’re crying, you have to be happy and say goodbye to your friends – Oliver
I can change by growing taller and stronger – Khyle
I can change by helping other people, not letting there be rubbish in the world and picking up rubbish, picking it up off the environment by taking care of it – Kobe
…by finding some of your friends to walk together to make new life – Eva
looking after our animals, and when you see someone litter you can tell them to put it in the bin – Charlize
To help our environment you need to put the rubbish in the world, and if you don’t the world will be affected and everyone will get sick – Alexa
When we put rubbish in the bin, it helps the environment so the ducks and fish don’t die – Enrique
You have to take care of the environment otherwise it will be so dirty, and we don’t like it being a dirty world – Kobe
Helping others will help our world – Khyle

Children were given the choice to record in their learning journal or writing books:

Children engaged in a range of investigations throughout the day. There has been a continued interest in using design skills to create Beyblades, ready for battle. The children choose each piece of their Beyblade carefully, continuing to work on them in order to make them stronger after each battle.

Children have also used their design skills when creating cubbies and forts outside. Children use teamwork to build on a shared vision. Creativity was also on show when Alexander and Elnathan created a ‘sled’ to build their muscles, and when Bibi and Dhyani used chalk to create coloured water.

The Ozobots and Sphero’s have also been in use, as children create tracks and code for their robots to follow along. The children have an increased


We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 12pm for Sports Day!

One thought on ““Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” – Aristotle

  1. Speechless and totally amazed by all these learnings. This has been so enjoyable reading this to Alexander and watching and listening to him reflect on his day.
    Thanks teachers and HFCS

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