12:00 – School Begins (students to eat their lunch before they arrive at school)

12:10 – Classes walk to Creaser Park and assemble in class groups for the opening ceremony.
JP classes sit in RELAY positions/ Year 3-5 RELAY RUNNERS sit in designated positions & remaining Year 3-5 students sit in coloured TENTS. Year 3- 7 Teachers go to their team tents to monitor and support.

12:30 – Opening Ceremony.

YEAR R – 2

12:40 – JP Baton Relays Commence

1:15 – Support UP Relays.

YEAR 3 – 7

12: 45 – UP students remain in team tents – EXCEPT Year 3 -5 relay runners who report to the marshaling area

1:15 UP Relays Yr 3 – 5.

1:40 – Snack break in class groups

2:00 – Tabloid Rotations begin

3:30 – JP Return Equipment– then students sit with their teacher on the left side of the 100M track.

3:20 – UP Return Equipment– then Year 6/7 RELAY runners go to their designated places- remaining Year 3-7 students go to their team tents to watch and support the RELAYs.

3:40 – Year 6/7 Relays.

3:45 – Teacher vs Student Relays

3:50 – Closing Ceremony and Presentation

4.00 – Students find their teacher and are then able to be dismissed (When all students are picked up/released from class teacher. OHSC students are then to walk back to school with teacher.)

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