Soccer Carnival

30th July – Blog catchup
Tuesday the 30th saw the long awaited rescheduled soccer carnival. This carnival was meant to be played over a term ago but was postponed due to poor weather. Today the weather was much better and the students experienced a fantastic carnival planned by our northern cluster of catholic schools. Our first year part of the cluster, it has allowed us to take many more students to sports they may not be able to attend due to numbers.
This carnival gave an amazing opportunity for students succeed outside the classroom and 65 students both boys and girls to participated, some for the first time ever playing soccer.
The abilities were mixed across teams and the teamwork and encouragement was amazing to see. We also took 18 year 4 students who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to participate in a carnival.
So many fantastic performances, all students should be congratulated.
Special thanks to the amazing help from Elyse, Andy, Nick and Hayley. Also Nina and Sandra (parent helpers), this allowed the day to run smoothly.
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