Celebrations with the Vietnamese Community

Earlu Years Dinner004 Earlu Years Dinner121 Earlu Years Dinner124

Our partnership with the Vietnamese community and our joint efforts to build community and to raise money for projects that will provide the community with much needed support and resources, are worth recording.

We have jointly conspired to present four mega-events over the past couple of years:

  • The first event was a fundraiser for projects in Vietnam supporting vulnerable women and providing orphanage services for abandoned children. The model deployed is quite simple really. Invite as many people

as possible, usually 600 people, feed them 8 Courses of sumptuous Vietnamese food and entertain them

The second event was a fundraiser for Archbishop Wilson and the Cathedral Appeal. The event mobilized the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem who came along in force to enjoy our hospitality.

  • The third event was to benefit the Holy Family Early Learning Centre.

This again was dinner for 500 and featured a wonderful Auction offering a plethora of items for sale varying from spectacular Religious objects to marvelous bonsai plants. The event launched our campaign for an ELC and gave a number of disparate groups a sense of working together for a common cause.

  • The most recent event was a fundraiser for the new Vietnamese Catholic Community Centre to be built at Pooraka. We have worked hand-in-glove with the Vietnamese Community for the past 14 years. They have supported our school so marvelously. To reciprocate for them is our pleasure.


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