You can at least look the part…

IMG_2392 photo 1 IMG_2495When I was growing up, I can remember my mother saying to us “It is important to at least look the part!”

I think sometimes it related to the sporting field. She was saying that if you were playing a sport, it was important to present yourself well. If it was football, boots clean, socks up etc

If it was cricket, whites clean equipment in order …and so on

I think in life, most people would think presentation was important. Certainly, if you really want something, such as a job, you present yourself in the best possible way.

At Holy Family, we espouse a commitment to Ecology and Sustainability. It would then seem only appropriate that we would present the school in the best possible way. This means we would take care to establish and maintain gardens, to ensure that the buildings are well cared for, painting upkeep well programmed, repairs undertaken where necessary. Cleanliness and a litter-free playground is our heart’s desire

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