What a great start to the school year at Holy Family

It has so exciting to welcome a new cohort of students into the school. Interestingly, we have been welcoming new students at all Year Levels across the school this year. In addition, it has been exciting to have children from the Early Learning Centre in and around the school. At School Assembly the ELC children and their teachers are usually in the front row. I have witnessed marvellous interactions between children in our school and children in the Early Learning Centre. I have noticed children sharing their learning through the boundary fence including their creations on lap-tops. We have explained to the children that there are guidelines for sharing food. There is a great rapport between our Play Group, the Early Learning Centre and the school. The beauty of the ELC is influencing the development of our other learning spaces in the school.

Speaking of learning spaces, we are very busy creating a plethora of intriguing and exciting new facilities to delight our wonderful students:

  1. 4 new music suites for instrumental music tuition
  2. Courts in Grevillia Park
  3. Consolidating the multi-disciplinary learning area (MUDLA) facilitating our Fish Farm and Gardens
  4. Designing planning Library and Learning Studios


It is amazing to work through the process with the architects as they take into account the relationship of the proposed buildings to

  • the established patterns of movement of people within the school
  • welcoming access
  • tracking of the sun
  • collecting solar energy
  • harvesting rainwater
  • maximising flexibility to meet the needs of teachers and learners
  • shading from the summer sun


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