Learning literacy through Information and Communication Technology

I wanted to share with you a lovely image of our R/1 students sharing the brand new set of laptops in use of our 8 Reception/Year 1 Classes. We were in the situation in which all students in Years 2-6 had been provided with their own laptop. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any left for the Year 1 and Reception students. The teachers and students were begging for some laptops as the older students have. So I reached out to our friends at @AusSchoolsPlus and asked for support from their #CrisisAppeal and requested a grant of $10,000. They generously responded by granting us this money. Accordingly, each of the classes will share these laptops on one or two days each week. If you look closely at these photos you can see the engagement in the faces of the children and that each child is completing a different task. As a school we are absolutely committed to promote literacy. However, we do not throw out the baby with the bath water. We favour a proper balance between screen time and books

My colleague Professor of Education Pasi Sahlberg (University of NSW) sent me the link to his latest research into the use of technology. Interestingly, Pasi found that there are growing inequities in access to technology in terms of computers and internet access. We wish our students to have the best of both worlds.

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