Welcome Term 4!

Investigations: Come Play With Me

Welcome back to another term full of learning in The Village. We hope everyone enjoyed their break and were able to spend some time with family and friends! We have not missed a beat in The Village today, diving straight back into a busy morning of investigations. It was fantastic to see the children as active participants in their learning as they engaged in provocations tailored to meet their interests.

Student Reflections

In investigations I was trying to make a house using some glue and seeing what really sticks, and it didn’t work out really. It didn’t work out because it was too sticky and only should have put a little bit on there- Dimi

In investigations I made a challenge. Koby, Jordan, Me and Hendrix. You had to stay in the square or circle the longest- James

In investigations I played with Cooper on the laptop and we were racing- Viraj

In investigations I played with Viraj on the laptop and we were playing it was called, ‘Cool Maths Games’- Vidal

In investigations I was designing the dolls clothes and her handbag was Annabella and Alannah – Zahra T

In investigations I liked the doll and me and Annabella played schools- Alannah

In investigations I liked the village and I liked the challenge that James made up- Jordan

In investigations I played with Alexander and Elnathan- Leo

In investigations me and Alannah and Annabella and Angie, we were playing schools and there were teachers in it and then we had lots of fun- Ishpreet

I was making a ship with Nyok and Jayson and Nelson. We used Lego – Enrique

I worked with Daemon to build a space ship using lego- Nahom A

I wrote out the alphabet and then wrote a sentence about what I did in the holidays- Adum

I played with Annabelle and Alexia. We were using modelling clay to make a sunset – Eva

I was building a big house. Everyone was welcome and we became friends- Arjan

I was playing with Bibi, we were making love hearts and making unicorns. We used lots of colours – Dhyani

I was writing the alphabet – Mithra

I was playing with Jordan, we used blocks to make up a strategy game- Kobe

Fitness: Boot camp

This morning we decided to join forces for boot camp! It was a fun way to challenge our body and minds into completing a workout.. which left no prisoners. We got our heart rate up with jogging on the spot, sprinting, star jumps and push ups.

Numeracy: Graphing

After recess we explored data collection and graphing. The Village gathered and collaborated to investigate what the most popular colour in the Village is.

We then completed our own data collection as we recorded what coloured cars drove down Shepherdson Rd. Jordan shared, “silver was the most popular”. This provocation saw the children very engaged and enthusiastic!

Nature Play

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