Wednesday – Week 4 – Term 2

Welcome to a wild, windy and wet Wednesday

Come Read with Me

I talked to the children today about the importance of reading and also the importance of reading every day. This simple picture demonstrates the benefits of reading 20 mins each day

Books Are Magic on Twitter: "RT @MrSchuReads: If a child reads 5 ...

Literacy Rotation

Reception children had a turn today using the laptops during our literacy rotations. Today they signed into Teach your monster to read and collaborated with their peers to work through the tasks. This task enabled the reception children to have the opportunity to learn how to log on and open programs on the dock. The other element of their learning was the collaboration and sharing their understandings as they work through tasks.

Year 1 – Story Map of the text -Who Sank the boat?

The children explored the 3 parts of a story. What happened in the beginning? What was the complication or problem that had to be solved? and What happened at the end? The children used pictures and words to record their responses. The task was chosen as I am encouraging the children to expand upon the structure of their story writing.


We hope you enjoy the new books the children bring home to share tonight.


100 languages representing the text – Who sank the boat?

  • Paper
  • puppets
  • activinspire
  • Small world figures
  • Lego
  • drawing
  • painting
  • Photo Booth – retell

This task explores oral retell, sequencing, representation, collaboration, organisation and creativity. Each week when we do these tasks I marvel at the children’s learning.


Data collection

First we collected the data about our classes favourite colours in our mini math books using tally marks.

Then the children represented the data on the laptop using active inspire.

The children demonstrated great collaboration and problem solving skills as they explore new skills also on the laptop.

Next week we will continue to collect data and explore representing  information in different forms.

Have a lovely evening – stay safe and warm.


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