Friday – Week 9 – Term 2

Catholic Identity Day

We begin our day with a story from the Bible and a song or. two.

Lessons From Zacchaeus in the Bible

The story of Zacchaeus in the Bible. The truth that if you want God to change your life, He can, and will. Zacchaeus knew what he was. He knew what people thought about him. But he wanted Jesus. He wanted to change.

Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, no matter what it took. He put aside his pride to climb the tree to catch a peek. Zacchaeus was excited to see Jesus and he wanted to change.

Imagine how Zacchaeus felt when Jesus called to him.

  • Jesus sees value in every person. While the crowds were grumbling, Jesus was welcoming. Jesus knew Zacchaeus mattered. Jesus knew Zacchaeus. And when Zacchaeus saw the Jesus that knew him, he changed.
  • Jesus wanted to be part of Zacchaeus’s life just like he wants to be part of your life.


We shared Father Shibu’s welcome to Catholic Identity Day.

Part of his message included  – Education of heart is at the heart of education and the importance of celebrating and recognising difference. This links to our discussion after this mornings story and heart drawings about ‘Opening our heart’ to others and celebrating diversity.

Buddy Rotations – Exploring Catholic Identity

  • We are all a part of the same team – Collaboration Games – Mr Stamare
  • Mudla – All creatures great and small – Mrs Stam
  • Cross Book marks – Symbol of Hope – Mrs Rodgers

End of the day reflections:

Harper – I enjoyed playing and helping people if they fall over.

Annabelle – I love the team work.

Elnathan – Jesus did team work with his disciples to spread the word of God. I liked everything, it was a fun day for me.

Eann – I love colouring the Cross because it is fun.

Bibi – I liked making the crosses

Laura – I liked going to the Fish Farm and I touches the turtle.

Jed – I liked doing the Cross.

Kalil – I liked colouring the Crosses.

At the end of the day we also watched a video about the learning across the school in relation to Catholic Identity and Father Shibu’s farewell message.

Reflection upon the day:

Education of heart is the heart of education.   Father Shibu

We celebrate difference and accepting everyone for who they are.

We open our hearts to everyone and be kind and helpful as Jesus did.

We are grateful for all  – our friends and family and all the creatures on earth.

Have a wonderful weekend – see you on Monday.


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