Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to our Holy Family athletes.

We came away with a 3rd overall for the girls and a 2nd overall for the boys.

We also took out the under 11 boys and under 12 boys and girls pennant for overall points scored on the day.

Our students showed amazing sportsmanship throughout the day and great determination in all events they participated in.

Thank you to Mrs Stam and for all the parents for all your help and support on the day!!

A special mention to Riley and Hayley who won age champion medals for the under 12 age group.

Thank you for your support.

Athletics Trials

Tuesday 16th May we will be conducting our Inter School Athletics Trials.

Attached is the program for the day.

Long Distance – Any Student who is actively involved in weekend sports, has done cross country before or knows they can run 4 laps of the oval without walking.


Shot Put – Any student who thinks they are legitimately good at Shot Put and knows how to use the correct technique (done in PE and Sports Day)


High Jump – Any student who knows they can jump 1m or more and would like to try out.

Running Sheet


Sprints (Invite Only)



Year 5/6/7 hurdles

11:20 am

400m (Open to everyone)



800m (Open to everyone)

1:30 pm

High Jump (Open to everyone)

Shot Put (Open to everyone)

Thank you

Lisa Roberts and Leanne Cooymans

Term 2 Key Dates

Athletics Trials – Tuesday 16th May

Athletics Carnival – June 13th

Netball Carnival – Week 10

Students will receive notes prior to trials and carnivals


We look forward to a great Term 2!

Term 1



Well done FRANKLIN on being 2017 champions!

The weather was perfect and the Creaser Park Little Athletics Oval was in excellent condition ready for our aspiring athletes.

The house teams were enthusiastically lead by our Year 7 Captains. Congratulations to these students for the leadership and sportsmanship demonstrated at chant practices at school and on Sports Day.

Our House Leaders:

Yellow: Jayden and Lilly

Blue: Matios and Danika

Red: Dennis and Aliya

Green: Alexander and Felicia

Thank you to teachers and parents for your support in making this a successful day. Special mention to Scott Thain and Andrew Higgs for their very early start in helping us prepare the oval. Thank you to the office staff for officiating, taking care of injuries and organising the snack break.

Sports Day was a great finish to a very busy Term 1. Holy Family students participated in 2 swimming carnivals and in our first cricket competition.

Keep posted for news of the upcoming events in Term 2.

Thank you

Sports Day 2017

Congratulations to FRANKLIN and everybody for the success of Sports Day 2017

Thank you so much everyone for all your contributions to sports day! It was a wonderful community day and great to see the sportsmanship of our children, everyone participated which was excellent!