Swimming – Sapsasa and Catholic Schools

After numerous early morning training sessions our swimming team had the chance to represent themselves and their school in the Para Districts and Catholic Schools carnivals. In week 6 in a modified carnival due to the extreme heat in week 5, students represented themselves admirably at Salisbury Pool. Students competed with other schools in numerous distances and strokes to gain a place in the Para Districts team. All swimmers should be proud of their efforts but a special mention to Kristina, Lily, Gowtham and Damien who have been selected and will compete at Marion on the 28th of March. We wish them all the best.

On Wednesday the 13th of March a group of 15 students were selected to represent Holy Family at Magill University Pool for the Catholic Schools carnival. Once again there were some fantastic performances and students represented themselves in an outstanding manor. A special mention to Joseph, our lone Year 3 student who gave his all, as well as a number of students who give us promise for future years. Our senior students were outstanding, coming second in the open medley and Year 6 relay. Kristina just missed out on age champion with 4 seconds and a first and Lily also came home with a number of seconds and a third.

Once again congratulations to the following students who represented the school.

Daniel Pearce & Leanne Cooymans



Catholic Schools






SAPSASA Swimming

The modified version of the SAPSASA swimming carnival was held Tuesday morning after being postponed due to the heat.

The carnival ran quickly and all students had a chance to swim their races. All the students representing Holy Family gave their best efforts. We expect to receive the times within the next week and will speak to students that have been selected to represent Para Districts at metro day (Marion).

All in all a fantastic effort by all and special mention to the parents that officiated on the day.

**** A reminder for the students selected in the catholic schools swimming team***

Training on Tuesday the 12th of March at Parafield Gardens Swimming Centre

7:30 – 8:30am

On Wednesday the 13th, the bus will leave school at 8:30am sharp to get to Magill University Pool for the SACSA carnival.


Swimming Carnivals

Good morning all,

We were scheduled to attend our first carnival today, but due to the temperature it has been modified and postponed to next Tuesday morning (8am-9:15am).

This was the SAPSASA swimming carnival at Salisbury Pool. We have 17 students representing the school from Years 4-6. These students will be swimming a range of individual events attempting to swim a time that will qualify them for Metro Day and represent Para Districts at Marion Pool.

We wish the following students the best of luck and will keep you updated on how they go next week.

Evie , Nicky-Rose , Shyla , Georgiana , Kristina , Celine , Hannah , Lily , Cam , Ethan , Liam , Ryan , Damian , Eric , Gowtham , Luka  and Mathewos.


On Wednesday of Week 7 some of the above students plus some others will represent the school at the catholic schools swimming carnival at Magill. This carnival will be team based and students will swim in year level teams to collect points for the school. As well as indivdual events their are also team relays. We will post the students that are attending next week.


The final swimming training will be Tuesday (7:30-8:30am) Week 7. This is the day after the Monday public holiday. We will have a meeting with the students that are involved next week and send a note home for the catholic carnival.


Term 1 2019

We are off to a fast start in 2019 with a lot of changes and exciting opportunities ahead. Myself and Leanne are excited for the opportunity to share our classes on Tuesdays and work together to provide new opportunities for the students.

We have also joined the northern cluster which will allow us to take more students to carnivals from Years 3-6.

With Sports Day fast approaching (Friday, Week 10) our focus with the junior years is to work on the skills that will be required on the day. Our focus has been fundamental movement skills; catching, throwing, running and movement through congested areas. It is clearly evident that all the R-2 classes are having so much fun using some of the new equipment and the rebound nets are hit!!

With our middle school group Years 3-4 have been focusing on teamwork and playing numerous games that require high levels of resilience, collaboration and communication. We love that the learning powers we focus on in the classroom can be supported through PE. We have also timed the first 50 meter sprint to gather times for the sports day relays.

With our senior group Years 5-6 we have focused on cricket. We have a T20 blast carnival (cricket) coming up in week 9 and have had over 50 students express their interest. Leanne and myself wanted to provide the students with the best possible experience at the carnival and have focused on the skills required to compete on the day. We have learnt bowling, batting, catching and fielding skills through a variety of skill rotations that the students enjoyed and really started to excel at in the second week. Although halted by the soaring temperatures this week, we are currently working on modified games of cricket (which are set up the same as the carnival) so students can put their skills into practice but also learn game sense and how the scoring system works.

All in all a fantastic start to the year

Daniel & Leanne

Term 3 Sport


We have had the pleasure of participating in a variety of sports this term (Girls Football, Boys Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Netball and Touch Football). The students commitment to trying something new has been very inspiring.  In all sports we have participated in, students have shown fantastic sportsmanship and positivity.

It has been really amazing to see students supporting one another on, and off the field and representing Holy Family in such a positive and respectful way.

We look forward to seeing you all back in term 4!

Enjoy your holidays.


Cross Country

Congratulations to the 66 students who participated in the Catholic Schools Cross Country carnival. All students completed the challenging 2 km course. WELL DONE RUNNERS! Many thanks to Mrs Stam, Mr Murray and Mrs Cooymans for supervising the students.

It was wonderful to have so many students eager to be involved and represent our school. We had many wonderful performance in particular Liam who finished in second place and received a silver medal.

Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to our Holy Family athletes.

We came away with a 3rd overall for the boys and 7th overall for the girls.

We also took out the under 10 boys pennant for overall points scored on the day.

Our students showed amazing sportsmanship throughout the day and great determination in all events they participated in.

Thank you to Roz Maguire and for all the parents for all your help and support on the day!!

A special mention to Liam who won the under 10 age champion medal.

Thank you for your support.