Thinking about Others

 Recently I was struck by a news story where Pope Francis came out and said that he was a sinner. For me more importantly he didn’t take the moral high ground of using the Pope’s infallibility to validate his daily decisions but instead reflected that the choices he makes do affect others lives.

 I thought what great leadership as by doing this it was challenging all people particularly Catholics to question our daily decisions. How often do I think about how my words and actions can impact on others lives? Maybe next time I need to stop and think before I act or open my mouth because once I have done that I don’t want to regret it but feel what I do contributes positively to someone else’s life.

So thanks to Pope Francis I now realize everything I do has an influence on someone or something hence it is not just about me.

 As the Scripture says: In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you; Matthew 7:12


Time to cut your losses

 Ever heard the saying  “What’s in it for me?”

In this weeks Gospel, Luke 16: 1-13 it is not about the dishonest manager getting back the amount he is owed but maximizing his losses so at least he would get something back.

 Like the manager in the parable we need to gather what we can without putting a value on it. The question being how can we ever build relationships if we placing expectations on others?

 Hence, we capitalize and achieve our greatest successes when our options are limitless and our outcomes negotiable. We must be careful not to judge others but work in partnership with them so everyone can achieve their goals and no one feels short changed.

Question of Forgiveness

 I often wonder when people discuss forgiveness what I would consider to be unforgivable if someone hurt me.

 Jesus in the Parable of the Lost Sheep states there is a need to go after the lost sheep rather than the other ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.

 The lost sheep knows they have done something wrong and they need to repent rather they just don’t know how to go about it.

 While the ninety-nine righteous sheep feel they have done nothing wrong and neither need to seek forgiveness or forgive others. The status quo remains no need to change.


The point is people who are unwilling to bend will never change while people who are lost and seek forgiveness want to change. Hence, they are worth chasing after.




To often I become focused on the action and the outcome rather then engaging in conversation and building in relationships.


 In Mark 11:12-14 Jesus curses the fig tree and says no fruit will be ever born from it.

When I reflect on this scripture I think about why Jesus cured the sick and ate with the sinners because they accepted his message of hope and knew that it was a call to change.  Whereas for the non marginalized to accept the message of change required a sacrifice to give to others and not take their life for granted.

To many times if only I had listened to others instead of working on achieving the outcome the missed opportunities of gaining the insights and knowledge that are offered are ignored to attain the goal. Like the fig tree my relationships won’t bear any fruit unless I  am motivated by the process, listen to the ideas of others and engage in the relationships that lead to the outcome rather than just focus on goal.