The Process

In Luke 9:11-17 Jesus feeds five thousand people from five loaves and two fish. What I am most intrigued about is the process that leads to this miracle.

Firstly, Jesus welcomes them, curing those who need healing and preaching about the Kingdom of God. Immediately, he is making a statement that everyone who is present in the crowd is important them.

Secondly, rather them turn them away he reinforces that he values their presence and decides to extend his hospitality by feeding them. Jesus bamboozles the disciples when he asks them to go and collect food and all they can come up with is five loaves and two fish.

Jesus doesn’t ask the disciples to find a way what he is asking them to do is find resources to make it happen.

Finally, the blessing of the loaves and fishes symbolises that God has provided for his people above and beyond what they asked for as the twelve baskets left over indicate. Jesus demonstrates to the crowd through his relationship with God that all things are possible.


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