Seeking Compromise

“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven. Luke 6: 37

In Luke 6:37-42 Jesus tells a parable about people judging others with the emphasis on your actions rather than your neighbours when faced with challenging situations where you feel angry and annoyed. So, Jesus is asking us to think carefully about what were my actions in the situation that led to me to being despondent and disappointed.

I often think the immediate reason is usually the reaction of the person or people involved in the situation. The words or actions on both sides might be considered harmful on how we can try to resolve the situation. Therefore, the onus is on the two parties to listen to each other’s points of view to achieve a fruitful outcome.

The next damaging factor to achieving a resolution is both parties holding steadfast to their position. If the other party and I approach the challenge facing us with a fixed mindset then we deny ourselves the opportunity to solve the problem. Thus, we need to be open and engage in dialogue that will present us with possibilities to determine a positive result.

Jesus, however gives us the message in Luke 6:37 to remain level headed and if we feel slighted to forgive that person rather than hold a grudge the next time, we encounter that person. Most importantly, reflect on how we can work through this issue successfully in the future.

My Mum

This Sunday, May 10th, all over Australia we celebrate Mother’s Day. This had me thinking about what kind of influence my Mum had on me. Firstly, she was always welcoming, providing relatives, friends and my own family hospitality without requiring notice. Thus, no need for invitation at our house as visitors were always warmly accepted.

Secondly, my mum from a young age was always there to lay down the foundation for my future by enrolling me in a Catholic School something that resonated with her own faith. She worked hard to provide me with an education that would assist me in my learning, gaining valuable life experiences and developing faith and beliefs that enabled me to form strong relationships with both God and people. It taught me to look beyond the inner bubble of family and friends as the importance of socialising with others ensured my knowledge and experiences would enable me to grow as a person.

Thirdly, my mum and I also shared some of the same interests, predominantly reading, having a perspective of world events and the need for a sense of humour, evident by the tv comedies she watched and stage plays she attended. I consider that it is meaningful for my mother and I to engage in dialogue about our passions as it created more stimulating conversations for both of us.

Finally, my mum has imparted on me pearls of wisdom from which I draw on throughout my life. One that particularly sticks in my mind is “a still tongue is a wise head.” Which to this day I interpret as only giving your opinion when it is relevant and informative, not just idle gossip and ensure you listen to what others have to say. Hence, when I have taken this advice on board it has helped me to make worthwhile and, in some cases, valuable contributions to discussions both privately and professionally.

Therefore, I am extremely grateful to my mum and how she has shaped my life. The significance of being hospitable, educated, sharing your common interests and being engaging and interactive in your dialogue with others has enabled me to build positive relationships with other people and grateful for what I have experienced throughout my life. I thank God for my Mum.