What Does Christmas Mean?

Recently I asked numerous classes at Holy Family what Christmas meant to them. Their responses were:

1Celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

2 Going to Mass with your family.

3 Giving money and presents to the poor.

4 Spending time with family and friends.

5 Being kind and loving towards others.

6 Being grateful for what we have.

7 Respecting how other cultures celebrate Christmas

8 Decorating the Christmas Tree.

9 Singing Carols.

10 Making people happy.

I believe Christmas Day is like this scripture verse from Isaiah 9:3 and includes what the children said Christmas meant to them.

“You have multiplied the nation. “

(All the different cultures who celebrate in a variety of ways Christmas Day,

through food, customs and decorations.)

“ You have increased its Joy.”

(The people who have been kind, loving and generous to others. )

“And rejoice before you.”

(Those who acknowledge Christmas Day has Jesus’ birthday, celebrate with mass, family and friends and sing carols.)

“As with joy at harvest.”

(Most importantly being grateful and trying to make other people happy on Christmas Day. )

If we could do all of the above at Christmas time what a meaningful day it would be. Maybe we should try to do it beyond the Christmas season realising what a difference we could make to the world.