Fork in the Road

 As the famous song goes ‘There are two paths you can by but in the long run there still time to change the road your on.”

I often think there are times in our lives that there are important decisions that  you have make. The question is how do I make the right decision?

I believe when you are making these decisions it is important to not only assess how that decision is going to benefit myself but how it will impact upon others.If the decision only benefits me and is harmful to others then I cannot go along this path. However if the decision is beneficial to others as well as me than my decision is already made for me.

 There is also another factor that can influence our decision-making circumstances that force us into immediate action. For example, in this week’s Gospel Jesus says, “Keep awake therefore, for you do know on what day your Lord is coming.”(Matthew: 24-42). The message I take from Jesus is that if you are ready or able to predict possible outcomes that no matter the circumstances you can make decisions that will enable you to achieve positive outcomes.

Ultimately, however the decision rests with you.