Are You Invited

In the Gospel the “Parable of the Wedding Banquet”, (Matthew 22:1-14)

 Jesus compares the Kingdom of heaven to a king who gave his son a wedding banquet. Great food and drink was provided but all the guests who were invited declined saying they were far to busy.

The king however was so enraged seeking retribution from those who did not attend and then gave invitations to as many people as possible good or bad. Those who weren’t invited did accept and had a wonderful time at the wedding feast.

Have you ever been invited to an event and declined the invitation? What were the reasons, a better offer, didn’t have the time, couldn’t be bothered or were just unaccepting?

Firstly, had a better offer often doesn’t quite achieve the best possible outcome. Our preferred choice is only a perception but really circumstances don’t always occur the way we think they will. I always believe the best surprises are the ones have absolutely no chance of occurring. That is worth waiting for.

Secondly, didn’t have enough time just doesn’t cut it. I always consider that you can make time if you really want to. It is just a matter of managing your time more efficiently or prioritizing what really is important to you. If it is essential there is time.

Thirdly, couldn’t be bothered is it just a case of deferring to ignorance? Not allowing yourself to experience something that is different or can make you feel uncomfortable is not an excuse to reject an invitation but to open yourself up to new situations. Hence being unwilling to take a risk.

Finally, or is the parable all about acceptance of others and ourselves?  Sometimes do I just want everything in my favour and to hang out with the people I like. I believe it is important for me to meet new people otherwise my life would be bland and I would be adverse to change. Therefore remind myself to take the opportunities that are open to me as they I would argue contribute to your quality of life.

So next time remember how you feel when someone rejects an invitation from you for the reasons I have outlined.  Furthermore when you receive an invitation accepting it could be opening yourself to a whole new adventure.